Who Has The Best UCD In This Game?


I think Chun-Li’s is pretty good. Both ultras cover 2 different situations. Housenka prevents/punishes fireball use and Kikosho is easy to combo into. Kikosho-only might be preferable against non-fireball characters


Maybe Chun. Sometimes I think T. Hawk because his U1 still does decent damage, and you can still anti air. My friend swears by Gen but whatever.


Juri or Dudley.


I would say Rolento just because both of his ultras are very very good, but I think the main selling point of both of them is to get that extra damage that he needs for comebacks.

Besides Rolento, I would say either Juri, Decapre, Chun, or Balrog


What makes you say Rog?


His U2 can be used for punishes, while U1 was never really an ultra used for damage…it is mainly used to deter projectiles/corner carry.

I guess UCD for Rog is more matchup specific than the others, but I still think it is pretty useful.


Decapre’s is fairly good, but at 60% it’s much more useful where you are using u2 for mixup defense as it’s hard to deter projectiles with like 240 damage, half ultra u2 on W does even less.

It’s pretty nice vs. characters who you know have setups it beats though because it lets you punish them for them, and you only lose about 90 damage on u1 because the damage is from the followups.


Zangief and Hugo have the advantage of the true 50/50 oki with wombo combo. Of course it isn’t nearly as scary when they only do like 300dmg each but still.


PR_Rog was playing with W Ultra Balrog a bit today, it’s kinda bad.

W Ultra 2 literally does NOTHING damage wise.


Yeah it’s not really for the damage (it does like what 100-150 with W Ultra?), it’s for the stun/to make them hesitant to do something unsafe. I guess the equivalent would be if you knew something was punishable by a crouch Fierce or something that did around 100 damage, you would be less likely to throw it out.


Hm. Does this really work on conditioning people?


I think it has to be characters that don’t use at least one of their Ultras for damage, or who can get significant damage from the followup. Juri, Rose, Decapre, and, to a lesser extent, Makoto are all good choices for UCD.


Balrog’s U2 is for ridiculous amount of stun, unfortunately (fortunately for me because I hate him), nobody gives a crap about the Ultra cause you almost never see it.


Balrog U2 might be decent stun, but this character isn’t a stun powerhouse otherwise, and has a hard time getting multiple opening in a row. I rarely see Boxer stun without having the corner and going for lots of tick throws, or when a EX Overhead connects.


1.- There’s a reason why you haven’t seen it ever (seriously, there’s no video of that so scary 50/50)

2.- They both already had that since the previous version once they get super and U2, it wasn’t exactly good either.

I vote for Juri, Akuma (even if U1 should indeed give less meter in UCD), Elena, Chun and Adon.


i think dudley is the best case


I like to think Yun has a great UDC, i like to think about the damage in comparison to Chun Li’s buffed Ultra 2 (non UDC), which does little but respectable damage. (Her Ultra 2 does 365 damage, but after scaling who knows, don’t wanna think about it)

Let’s think about it, here are some things to look at before i give you my main point:

  • Ultra 1 (maybe for a big punish, option select, read, or anti air, whatever the reason you’re doing it raw for is) into Hard Lunge punch does (388 damage) That’s a lot for a 75% Ultra. You can get around 400 damage, if you spend a bar to use EX lunge instead of hard lunge. even 400+ if you spend another bar to do EX lunge into EX shoulder for the follow up.

  • EX Up Kicks (corner juggle) into Ultra 1 does (327 damage) You don’t get to follow this up with a lunge since you already used your juggle with the EX Up kicks sadly. ( It would be too good if you could anyways) But you MIGHT 80% sure) be able to follow up with a EX shoulder (for one hit only, if you’re willing to spend the bar) that will tack on like 40 damage, try it out yourself!

Those are pretty much the only times you will be using Ultra 1, but if that’s not enough.

  • Cr. MP x2, St. MP, EX Up kicks (corner juggle) into Ultra 1 does (381 damage)

I didn’t test the lights into St. MP into EX upkicks into ultra 1, but why would you even do that?

Ultra 2 does (340 damage) raw, and that Ultra does NOT combo from anything besides Genejin. It’s not like anyone uses genejin as much anymore, and it’s not like that combo was viable to begin with. Once again, pretty respectable damage, when you look at Chun Li’s now buffed Ultra 2.

Just the threat of having an Anti air Ultra/ The one you will use for big punishes and still rack up 388+ damage, but also having a 340 damage Ultra 2 that goes through fireballs, makes Yun seem like he has the world in his hands and he’s gonna dribble that bitch. All this on top of everything else he has + red focus= i don’t know, whatever you want it to equal.

I can see why most Yun players, would use solo Ultra 1, the damage is crazy good, no reason not to use it solo. Just saying, UDC is " an option."


with chun, i think kikosho is way too low on damage with ultra combo double. It makes it not worth it. Both of her ultras are good but each match has specific uses for them, so what ends up happening is that one ultra is clearly better than the other in most matchups.


Eyu can combo into ultra 2 standing for good damage while still being able to utilize ultra 1’s versatility. Its the perfect combination of damage and convenience…


his u1 and u2 have such similar utility it seems pointless.