Who Hates Flightwing?

Is it just me or does it seems that when ever Flightwing has something to post, it always attacking, hating, or making fun of others? He needs to grow up and realize that Street Fighter is just a fucking game. I am sure that there are many other people that hate this kid. Probably everyone that plays Street Fighter and knows him. I know for a fact that most of the people that don?t post on SRK, like myself, don?t like him. Cause I am sure he?s either made fun of you, talk shit about you, insult you, made fun of your race, attack your appearance, make fun of your game play, talk about your family, and the list goes on and on. Come on, not one of you can deny that he hasn?t done one of the previous statements to you in the past. I don?t know why he thinks he?s better than everyone at Street Fighter; for one thing he?s just intermediate at one fucking game. Shit at every other game. I mean dead shit at every other game. Like fucking shit shit at other games. Like fucking shitter than shit?s shit. Every post I read from him is a hate post. Get a fucking life kid. Stop making fun of people?s girls, because you still a virgin. Stop making fun of people?s rides, because you ride the Bus. Stop saying that people shouldn?t try and be on tape, cause no one wants to see your bucktooth ass. Stop making fun of people?s appearance, because look in the mirror. Stop thinking your better than others in Street Fighter, cause your only intermediate at one game, and it?s a shit game to. One day you will get jumped and beaten by all the Street Fighter players that hate you. And trust me, there are a lot.

So people, think about it before you vote. I just had to make this post, cause I want to show him to stfu. So next time you guys see him at the arcades, just look at him and remember how he got smacked in this thread and it?s a score for all of u.

BTW, this is a private poll. Votes are discreet.

wing is a cool guy if your not a faggot, gg

Who the fuck is this jobber from NYC? GTFO bitch.

Why is this guy acting like a Johnson? :confused:

chronic voting that hes a cool guy. Just ask Arturo all the shit that he was saying about you.

And you are? Let me guess…I’m a murderer? Shit never gets old.

I have known Wing for years now. He is cool in mmy books. He may talk some shit, but atleast he does it to ppls face.

Wing clogged my toilet.

quoted for truth


“either made fun of you, talk shit about you, insult you, made fun of your race, attack your appearance, make fun of your game play, talk about your family, and the list goes on and on”

I know people who I hang out with on a regular basis who do all of these things. So what’s the point of this thread again?

Who are you?? :looney: :looney:

phantom screennames…

Ya how does a guy from NY know Wing so well???

To be fair, Wing was on the ST team.

What’s the difference anyway, if you don’t like him, then ignore him.

hey man, r u just some random scrub who i made fun of cause of something stupid u said during t7?

a hater all the way from nyc. nice.
add an option to the poll, ‘Whoever made this thread is a retard.’

-Whoever made this thread is a retard.

:rolleyes: Join date August 2006 :rolleyes:

For the record, I hate Wing and he hates me and that’s why we’re friends.

so…much…angst. I think you need to visit cutmyself.com as well.

i can’t believe someone made a thread hating on Wing in world discussion before a thread hating on EX matt for the exact same thing.

some thoughts:

  1. Learn to use paragraphs. That blob owned my vision for free.
  2. What does Street Fighter have anything to do with his shit talking?
  3. I don’t remember Wing saying he’s better than everyone at Street Fighter?
  4. Next time I meet Wing at the arcade, I think i’ll just give him props and laugh at your thread together thx.


way to be private and discreet about those votes.

You have small eyes.

more like this crappy Red Madness skin with the centred posts sucking fucks.

Wow, a lot more people than I thought hate FlightWing