Who have you fought the most on network battle?


I recently heard somewhere that Ragna was destined to be the Ken of BlazBlue but sure enough PSN is a Noel melting pot… Seriously I don’t think I’ve fought one other character in here today. ONE guy picked Ragna and another picked that dude that looks like a cross between a puddle and the first Angel from Evangelion… Can’t remember his name… But yeah go figure, Noel is a blast to play with and very easy to boot so I guess that has something do do with it.

I’ve ran into some Noels but the Jin’s are everywhere and they all use the same red and black color.

I haven’t seen as many Jin’s as I have Noel’s but the red/black color I’ve seen on both… Jin is kinda annoying. There’s this one attack he has where he just keeps slashing his blade and if you get close it basically sucks you in… It seems to have priority over everything.

Pretty much only V-13 (spam Lazer swords ftw) and Jin (spam Ice swords ftw) so far. One Tager.

Doesn’t really matter though, the connection is usually garbage. Think I average 1 out of 20 that are close to lag-less.

No…everybody has a gungirl fetish…like me…

Jin, ragna, noel and lots of goddamn rachels.

Got a carl once and he clap looped me to death. :frowning:

Hm, now I’m starting to run into lots of Noels. Plus, a couple buddies came over and they’re playing Noel on my account as well. <_<

I’ve ran into A BUNCH of Noels. Surprisingly, my first match was against a Tager. Also surprised that I haven’t ran into any Nu’s yet. Haven’t seen a Ragna yet either.

I’m thinking about waiting for the patch before I start playing online again though, lag’s atrocious for me.

I thought the patch was already released… I downloaded something the day I took it online, unless there’s another patch in the works.

As for who I’ve ran into most, it’s usually Jin/Ragna, with little deviation. To date, I’ve only played Jin/Ragna, a single Tao, and one Litchi. Though watching other players yields quite a bit more diversity, and painfully illustrates the skill gap between myself and them.

Ok well I just played one mean V-13… Actually I think I played him twice already man this dude is unstoppable. His PSN is Warren. I got his HP about 60% down on the second round but that’s as far as I went. Seems like an interesting character to get good with.

i played 1 jin and like
some stupid amount of taokakas
the lag is awkward in this game
im thinking it has to do with PSN not getting the patch yet
first match lagless
matches 2-3 wtf lag

Hey LewisG, thanks haha
I just got the game like 10 minutes ago

More like Jin Fighter 4.

Uh, yeah.

LOL… Dude you rocked that fight! I tried training with V-13 but I was having trouble chaining the moves like that.

The majority of my online experience were against Ragnas and Jins. I had a few Taokaka players in my player match room (Tao mirror match, ftw) and 1 or 2 Litchis. I’ve also played against 1 Noel and 1 Arakune (which was my first match).

Bang, the most. Maybe it is my lucky day.

I’ve mostly faced Noels and Taokakas. A few Jins and Ragnas, too.

0 Carls that aren’t me. =(

I’ve only played Jin, Taokaka, and Nu. Mostly just Jins though.

I’ve been playing this since it was released last week in Japan, for the japanese players Rachel and Jin win by far. So far today with American players its been mostly Noel (my main) and Ragna’s.

Every Noel I’ve seen has done nothing but spam D it’s pretty amusing.

I’ve played all noels so far one other arakune, one tager and one ragna