Who here builds custom sticks?

Hey Guys

I read on another forum that people on here build custom sticks for sale.

Can any of you recommend me some individuals on here who you have done business with in the past, are good at what they do and are trustworthy?


Check the trading outlet…

And be sure to check their feedbacks, and their schedules.

I am guilty as charged ;), but I am not taking orders.


:u: like pc1x1 said. people build sticks but they’re too busy sitting in their ivory towers to come down and take a few orders. DRAAAAAAAAMAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! :shy::wow::clown::xeye::crybaby::pleased::china::razz::karate::angel::3p::asstb:

Whatever you do, don’t buy a custom stick. Most builders (TMO and Kaytrim especially) just have cases built by a poor village carpenter somewhere in South America for 60 cents a piece, throw in some buttons and stuff and resell for like $200. They are all a bunch of scammers. You are better off modding a shoebox, srsly.

one time I got a stick from byrdo and he made the case out of styrofoam and wrapped it in contact paper with a wood pattern. and if that wasn’t bad enough after a week I noticed this strong smell and I opened up the box (and by that I mean mangled styrofoam ice box) and found a dead rat inside. :wasted: :mad:

And he gets away with it! That’s what makes me so mad about these stick builders.:mad:

You gonna eat that? licks lips

:u: why? you planning on feeding it to the el salvadorians working in your sweat shop? the truth will be revealed! sticktruthmovement.org coming soon!!

LOL. :slight_smile:

Nice - and you know all of the gear that’s used for this stuff was pulled out of a dumpster someplace (along with last night’s dinner), and that there’s no investment of time or money involved. :wink:

(Glares of his glass-cutting rig that’s gone unused for almost a year…)

I think the take-home message here is that emotional instability and mood swings, coupled with excessive punching, will get you cut from the A team.

Dude, whats going on here with all those messages? South America isn’t that bad :slight_smile:

They make some nice lookin’ sticks.

this thread is epic:rock:

Dude, I so buy more of your balls(no homo.) I have 3 left that I’m saving for my personal sticks since I didn’t think you were going to make anymore.

Man, everyone wants to get their hands on my balls, but I’m just so busy that there’s not enough to go around. I really do want send out more. Really. Ugh. Now it’s getting cold again. Grr…

You know what would speed things up? I’m trying to fix my cabinet, and I did a flat out LOUSY job on the control panel top. If I could find someone to do a decent 14.5" x 40" control panel top that will take 4 Sanwa JLF’s, and a plexi topglass, I’d be a bit better off. That, and putting my bathroom back together. I’m not supposed to have puddles of water in my bedroom carpet!

Hey Zombie, I lost your pictures page - didn’t know if you had made sticks with any more of my balls or not.

Numbski, be careful with people grabbing your balls - hot balls is #1 cause for infertility on men

Oh, I’m screwed. Several people around here have already pointed out that my balls are very hot. :slight_smile:

This is a stick zombie made using one of my balls. :slight_smile: