Who here can see this forums and who can't

For some reason, the 3rd Strike (and MvC2 and TvC and CvS2) forum is only visible to some people. Initially though it was a moderator thing, but it turns out even other mods can’t see this. So, in the interest of gathering data and hopefully figuring out what the hell is wrong, I’d like to know who here can see the 3S forum link on the main forum page and who can’t.

can’t. had to find it through my old messages the first time and have had it bookmarked since then.

Can’t see 3S or MvC2, CvS2, TvC…

None of those are visible for me, but all 4 are on page http://forums.shoryuken.com/categories/strategy-zone . (if it can help)
Btw, will characters sub forums stay as it is now? Having no visual hint about updates make it totally useless as no one will check them one by one even once a week…

Same as above.

Hahaha, yeah. They’re invisible to me too, but I have my bookmark set straight to here since I don’t use the rest of SRK anyway.

I’d say that the reason your links are invisible is because some of them are under the Strategy Zone header (the hidden ones) and some of them are under the Fighting Games header (visible ones). Someone probably just forgot to move them when you guys were cleaning things up, yeah? It happens.

I only check the Ibuki character subforum, yeah. I do check it nearly every day though, but I don’t check any of the others.

i dont think any regular users see them

I think I was able to figure out why some forums are hidden (3rd Strike was always hidden for me and I wondered where it went).

Towards the bottom of the Forum index page, there’s a Category Filter setting. My settings were set to “followed categories” by default. When i clicked “all categories”, I was able to see the 3rd Strike forum.

This is the answer!

can’t see them, had to do a search to get to a thread

Yes, this seems to be the solution to this.

The question is then is why these forums are hidden by default.

Blame something like MTV for it. I don’t know why, but just do it.

And make me a mod of this section too. :smiley:

you can’t unhide them. they only show up when browsing all categories. still should be fixed

It’s a conspiracy d3v! Someone in your ranks has deviouse intentions towards that handsome loner kid named 3rd Strike.

Just make me mod. I will watch over your domain and provide posts with links to the hidden areas, if I don’t just lobby to get them changed.

Thank you for not spoking.

we’re likke a little mystery.

to see the 3s boards you have to go right, left, left, right, left, left, left, down 3 floors then back up 2 floors.

It’s no harder to find than Rockefeller’s ditch.

fyi, still can’t see this forum on the main page.

btw, how do i use the srk bookmarks?? i don’t see an option to add a bookmark.

I can’t see any if those forums, I just find the links in that thread in srk feedback.