Who Here Has A Dremel Rotary Tool Or Has Used One Before


I figured it’s time to invest in a good rotary tool and Dremel seems to be the way to go. However, there are a lot of different models and I was wondering if there are any recomendations.


Dremel is great for plastic. I would get a cordless Li-Ion and buy an extra battery. Grab a grinding wheel set as you will go through the included ones quite quickly.


I was looking at the cordless one and the 4000 one. I’m really not sure if the LI-On can give me as much power as the 4000. How long does it last anyways?


If using a dremel on plastic, you should only use the low setting. Hi power setting will melt the plastic and leave a nasty mess when cutting. Unless you plan to cut hard steel like a JLF mounting plate a cordless will do, but if you intend to cut steel you should actually get a real heavy duty rotary tool, because the dremel isn’t suitable for cutting steel. I went through 3 cutting wheels to cut 4 inches of steel.

I have the Corded 4000 and hate the cord and plugging it in. The cord really gets in the way.

I also have the Ni-Cd one and it sucks because I have to drain the battery completely before recharging and takes forever. So I don’t know how long the LiON lasts but it should last you longer than it takes to have the second battery charge. My NiCd one lasts for continuous cutting of plastic for maybe 30 minutes when it was new, but it is old as hell now and last for only a few minutes.


I’ve used both a rechargable battery and a corded Dremel. I personally prefer the corded, nothing sucks as bad as having the battery die mid-job.


I say corded all the way. I’ve found that cordless seem to bog down really easily. Plus you have to deal with the batteries.


I have a corded. Use it with the flex shaft like they do in the nail salons.
Were I shopping today though, I’d give the Dremel 10.8 volt lithium ion a serious look. 132 reviews and a 4 1/2 star average.

edit to add: It only comes with one battery but the sell the battery separate for $37.99. So if you get an extra battery you’ll be paying just over $100 you get a pretty decent setup.


If you plan to grind metal, you may want to buy a high speed cutter that looks kinda like this: Cutter, High Speed, 3/8 - Rotary Tool Accessories - Finishing Tools - Power Tools & Metalworking : Grainger Industrial Supply

Compared to sanding bits, the high speed cutter is very long lasting tool.


Adding to this, corded models have more power than the cordless variety, which comes in handy if you ever have to cut through metal.

I picked up a Dremel 300 on Amazon for $50 not too long ago, and I’m loving it.


Man, I regret not getting the 300. I picked up the 200 a few months ago.


i picked up a shitty 16k RPM rotary tool

not happy with it at all. waste of 10 dollars

shoulda gotten a real tool instead


yup, a real tool is another good choice


Alright, I’ve decided to grab the 8200 model:

8200-2/28 12VMax Lithium-ion Cordless Rotary Tool Kit / Model: 8200-2/28

Using a 12V lithium ion battery, apparently it’s almost on par as the 4000 corded model. I’ll let you guys know how good it is once I get started.