Who here has a G1 phone

can they tell me if it’s better than iphone? I’m still not sure what I want to get but I’m leading towards the G1.

personally I would recommend against the G1. the software (android) ecosystem is still not fully developed and this is the main reason why there is only one handset out there currently running it out of the box. If you are a fan of android (which you should be because it has huge potential), I would recommend waiting a bit, HTC has a G1 follow up in the works, there are already pics floating around, and I Motorola has pretty much devoted all their software R&D into android so they should have a fleet of these phones by end of 2009/early 2010. I have an iphone and love it. If you are more of the open source type, you can jailbreak it and do all sorts of wonderful things from tethering, playstation emulators, skype etc… but that is my 2 cents. Either way you wouldnt be making a bad decision

I am a G1 owner, and I can say that I love it. Even my friends with iPhones are jealous now. :stuck_out_tongue: In the few months that I have had it, I have seen a great many awesome apps come up; the developer - user loop works incredibly fast. The 3G support rox sox, and the wifi is pretty tight too. Long term, the G1 (or anything with Android) will be the way to go - the dev community is just too strong for it.

As far as the open source stuff - it’s coming, and soon. All the fun that can be had with the platform has not gone unnoticed by the blackhats.

Not to say it is without some flaws - no flash on the camera, no video recording support (yet), etc. The cool thing about all the flaws that I percieve, though, is that they can all be fixed by some wily programmer (save the flash).


iphone is waaaaaaaaay better then G1.

i own both phones G1 for 2 months and ipone for over a year and iphone gives a better experience all around. iphone is more customizable and all around loads of fun. not to mention G1 battery life is garbage, one days use if your lucky

i would recommend the iphone for a user friendly experience.

not to mention that a jailbroken iphone is instant win, you never have to buy apps ever if you know how to to things right

in all fairness the iphone battery life is nothing to write home about. mine only lasts me 2 days under minimal (see zero) usage, any regular amount of text messaging, browsing, app usage/GPS and my battery life is in the shitter. day and a half tops. Still love it… battery life, not so much.

I have three phones that I use regularly.

G1, Blackberry Curve, and iPhone.

It depends on what you do with your phone. I’m busy most of the day and at my desk for work, so I don’t even use the web browser that much on either phone.

The G1 is nice, but the iPhone has a lot of good shit too. The only reason I like the curve is because it is a beast when it comes to email and battery life.


Get an Iphone




if you feel comfortable being a beta tester for android get it.
never had an iphone but i do miss alot of the features from my blackberry pearl like battery and the super fast push email. also the pearls sturdiness, it was dropped so many times. i doubt my g1 would stand up to 1/10th the torture the pearl went through.

waiting for the next android phone wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

At the moment, I’d have to say iPhones are better, but I feel G1s and other Android based phones will be as good as the iPhone if not better. Just give it some time to mature.

as far as the jailbreaking argument:

meh. depends on how much of a haxxor you want to be? also, AFAIK, all G1 apps are free, and come with ratings so you an see what you’re getting.

Perhaps also worth noting is that I am writing this post on my super-awesome MBP.

I don’t know, I can’t see the long-term war being won by iPhone, barring intense reworking of their relationship with indie devs.

Also, as far as battery life: There are a great few applications for function management / power profiles. Your battery only goes down in a day if you leave wifi/bluetooth/3g/cell tower location on constantly. I only keep 3G on constantly, turning the other features on when i need them, via the power profiles. I usually get about 2 days worth of charge off of this. Oh, I listen to last.fm on my phone lots too. Go 3G speed!