Who here has a TE/SE stick and uses shoto characters

how do you manage to do good with them with the square gate? i have trouble pulling off moves sometimes… and there is no way i can do ultras/supers with the square gate… anyone else have this problem

This the first time you got a stick?? You just gotta get used to it…keep practicing and stop whining

I have no problem with the square gate. But then again, I learned Rog before trying any other characters. I picked up Viper recently and still no problems with the Square. Just get used to it or buy a octagonal gate. I liked how you mentioned TE/SE since those of course are the only sticks that use a JLF + square gate…

Here’s a hint… you don’t hit the sides of the square gate.

It does take a little getting used to, but it will come naturally after time. Practice makes perfect.

Like everybody is saying, it just takes time to get used to. At first I could barely do most of my moves, but after playing with it for a couple of days I was able to pull it off most of the time. I’ll admit there are times when I get the completely wrong move and I lose, but it doesn’t happen that often anymore.

nono i can do the moves no problem… just doing ultras i cant do…

time to hit the training room heheh

So you can perform a QCF + P, but can’t do QCF QCF + PPP?

I picked up a TE stick about a week ago and I felt like a noob again. Since then I have gotten use to it somewhat. I can do Guilles ultra so much easier on the TE fight stick, than on my modded SFA. Yet I have trouble with sonic booms on the TE at times. All we can do is mod it or keep practicing.

Here are at least 4 OTHER threads that deal with this same issue:


dont want to be a dick but this is the straight truth. Just practice with it. I bet you’re new to a square gate.

People usually bitch about sanwa’s sensitivity, and square gates when they are new to them.



im not new to square gate… ive been playing sf4 ever since it came out with my hori ex2… i started out with ken… i could do everything with him extra ultras… i guess ill hit the training room

Plenty of other threads address this.

But yes. It’s all about practice, especially if you’ve grown used to pads, or even american sticks. You owe it to yourself. Especially owning a stick so many would love to covet.

training mode

input display


just because random people are crying because they havent ever used a jlf before. get used to the square gate or be gay and buy a octagonal.

imagine if these guys started with ls-32s… they would be so pissed at their sticks…

So you’ve been playing for 2 months? I wouldn’t say you’ve had that much practice then.

Quit whining and start practising, or do you want someone else to play the game for you? lol :rolleyes:

you have to go for the diagonals on ultras. That is the main thing you need to practice. because if your memory muscle is not there. then you’re probably hitting :d: :f: inputs instead :qcf:. Also make sure you hit forward before you press any attack buttons.

I use Sagat, Sakura and Dan. Just started gaming with the TE last weekend, after coming from an all-HAPP MAS stick, and actually prefer the square gate over octagonal – no troubles at all pulling off moves.

I don’t use Shoto but I do use motion character(Cammy) and have no problems with moves.

you just need to practice and get used to the stick.

as someone mentioned above, do not ride the edges with a square gate. You’ll get stuck in diagonals when doing circular motions.

it takes a different thought and technique playing with Sanwa JLF/square.

less force, more finesse.