Who here has had a gun pulled on them?

I got robbed with a rifle to my head once; I’m pretty sure it even had a scope.

Why yes, I have lived in the United States. Anyone else?

I live in mexico and yes

never had a gun pulled on me and I lived in NYC for a good part of my life

Twice unfortunately. Once by a friend who was suffering from deep depression, and the second was your standard robbed at gunpoint scenario. First one was much scarier since I was looking right down the barrel of a pistol on and off for several minutes by someone who was acting extremely erratic and emotionally unstable. Second time it was just pointed at me, they took my shit, and were gone in under a minute.

Because 'Murica is the only country where this stuff happens.

I live i a border town in Texas called Brownsville, which is a neighbor city to Matamoros Mexico.
The Mexican border is pretty dangerous and thus is kinda common for that to happen.

Because you pay your phone bill by sleeping with strange men. Bad shit happens everywhere, but you’re bullshitting me if you’re in the US, and you’ve never had a gun-related incident happen to you, someone you know, or in your town. Unless you live in Nowhereville and your parents and siblings are the same people.

Had some idiot pull a gun and my brother and I when we were going snowboarding cuz he felt my brother cut him off driving. Rolled down and window and sped up next to us and pointed a glock at my brother out the window. My brother hit the brakes, we fell way behind, I called the cops. Followed the guy to a Walmart parking lot, waited for the cops. They had us wait until the guy came out, IDed him, cops arrested him right there. Waved. :-h

Fortunately, never. Though, one guy legit threatened to come after me with his skinhead friends and said that he owned a bunch of guns.

When I was in college, grad classes went until night, so I took the NYC subway late at night with my laptop and everything. Had two cases. One was on F train the other on D train. Both cases they were black and tried to rob me. Both cases they took out their gun too slow and mistook me for someone who would allow someone else to take their life away. Both times, the few people in the same subway car pretended to ignore everything. I don’t blame them. I saw a bunch of kids, adults, elderly, etc, get stabbed, robbed, etc in the subway car. Some of those times included cops in the same car. Before anyone jumps in and says bystander effect, save yourself the embarrassment of being wrong. I didn’t ignore it because someone else would help, I ignored it because I didn’t want to get killed over a stranger I don’t know and I have people that depend on my existence. Only a few times I got involved, like when a girl was getting raped on the subway because I lost control of my emotions and just knocked out the guy before getting off the next train stop.

Yeah this thread was just veiled Eldergod bait.

The purchasing and selling of narcotics can be a hairy business, much like prostitution.

Also I would rob eldergod barehanded.

Feel free to try it.

I got pulled over for what I was told was speeding a few feet away from my house late one night and the cop already had his sidearm drawn and was pointing it at me.

Not yet. I’d like to keep it like that way though.

I haven’t but I have a friend who did. I live on the south side of Chicago so its getting common here.

do Call of Duty experiences count?

of course we all have. its D usa baby!

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LOL this made me laugh so hard. I’m sorry but who the fuck robs people with rifles? Were you digging holes in Elmer Fudd’s backyard? … and a SCOPE no less? Was that motherfucker going for a headshot achievement?

…as for me yeah the cops pulled guns on me and my roomate. Nigga had a picture of him holding a gun on FB in the dorm room, so they busted in guns drawn. If they’d looked closer they’d have noticed that the shit was fake. The cuffed us up and everything.