Who here has smoked'T Biggest Stunnah (mvc2)?

man i ragged dolled and ate this biatch up online mvc2 and how the hell is he the #1 ranked?

everytime i go online and pummled this chump he goes runnin out of the lobby, what a dusch bag! I ain’t done givinn this nigga his recommended dialy amount of azzz whoopins yet

where this biatch bee at? :badboy:

I’m number 1 because it’s online play. :frowning:

I dunno, maybe he plays a lot :shy:

He would probably beat me.

Oh, and congrats on your victory:party:

We’ve been going back n forth. I’m currently number 2 on the weekly ranks.

I was about to perfect him and he dropped.

Dude is not that good, but he has nice online strats:looney:

next time i’m about to P this foo, camera, lights, ACTION, recording begins!!! :bgrin:

what would marvel bee with chumps like biggest cunnah!

I’ll beat both you guys at the same time…Double K.O.!!!

i smoked’t that fool before…he be ducking my matches from the lobby now…like ill see him, then player disconnects or player left lobby…lol

thats exactly what i’m talkins bouts, nigga be seriously ducking us “head hunters” :bgrin:

man i hope they come out with that patch where you can isolated scrub-adopolous’s from mid to elite level players.

Random question. MVC2 Pringles = Yipes? That nigga is serious.

i thought it was crizzle

i thought crizzle was crizz nation?

mvc2 pringles is WEAK, go play special K1ll, now that guy is serious :tup:

I’ve been playin the special on the low on multiple accounts, i’m secretly smoking him!!!

Smoked Stunnah the one time I played him. Locked his ass down and threw away the key. Haven’t played him since

Mixup is definitely better than special kill

And no I haven’t had a chance to play this stunna cat

nah i seem him use spiral. crizzle dont use spiral.


Biggest Stunnah rage quit on me. He told me I didn’t deserve to win.

i agree 100%. No way pringles is yipes. He has ZERO defense, all offense and random rushdown. Don’t get me wrong, he is quick, but not near what Yipes is or even Fanatiq or my MSP. I think pringles plays more like Khaos but I don’t think its him either.

I disagree. No disrespect to mixup, he is definitely good, but special kill has an untouchable sent and amazing combos.

Crizz nation is crizzle.

And yes, I played stunnah 3 times and I beat him all 3. No idea who he is beating to get 1st.

Nz, get at me one game! I never played you yet but I played everyone else.

Special kill is roadkill when i play him