Who here is fans of the X-Men Legends series?

Im am a huge fan of the series. My favorite would have to be MUA.

I fired up X-Men Legends 2 the other day (it fell victim to the dreaded backlog™). I think that game is still the best one before the RPG elements got stripped away.

Love everything pre-MUA2.

Never played 2 yet was so bad about it?

Lack of loot and no replay value. Crappy stages. Boring final boss that will make you say “That’s it?”

Bad game.

It has lots of charecers to play as can be that bad?

Bah I was ironically thinking about this a few days ago and was thinking of scooping it for 5 bux somewhere.

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Yes. MUAGold is the best. XML2 is a close second.

Buy yourself a fast food meal instead. Me and my friends beat MUA2 and I sold it 4 days later. While I still have my MUAGold for many years now.

I might get the pc version MUA so I can mod it

my favorite char to use in Xmen legends 2 is Magneto

lets get some online games of MUAgold going.

I like Nightcrawler. So fun to use.

Explioting that glitch

MUA was fun as hell but broken from a character standpoint. Surfer was by far the best character in that game and it was not even close. After that Deadpool was better then 90 pct of the rest of the cast and outside Surfer was the easiest to kill Bosses with.

That spining sword move of his was god like

hits like button then realizes there’s a 2 there bah…almost…

UA was fun, but I think the block button really ruined that series.
Legends 1 and 2 was totally stat based, making team composition and managing your buffs and debuffs matter a lot more.
I could be entirely mistaken but I think your characters power level compared to the opposition was a lot higher in UA and beyond. I really don’t recall being challenged in UA especially often, but I absolutely recall some hellish times in Legends 2.

I thought Ua got the difficulty down right

i loved the first one, 2nd one wasnt as bad but not as good. way better then any of the other recent x-men games. some of the solo player only parts are kinda lame though when you have a group of friends over. also sinking ship level i hate u

That sounds about right…a guy with power cosmic @ #1…and Deadpool @ #2. Whats there to not like?

I guess I’m playing MUA1 again next week :cool: I forgot how dope it was.

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