Who here plans to "never" get married?


who here plans to never get married? if so, why?


I don’t know about “never,” but I don’t see the point. At my current point in life, marriage just seems like one big expense I don’t need (like many other things). If you love someone, that should be enough. What does marriage accomplish?

That’s one of the reasons I’m looking forward to Catherine. I want to see what kind of message it gives about marriage.


I’m not married nor thought about it enough to know, but isn’t there tax breaks and such for being married?


I believe there are tax advantages for married couples, but I don’t think people get married with that idea in mind.


Never, I do plan on having a life partner but I don’t want or need marriage to justify my relationship. Plus, the downside definitely outweighs the upside of getting married if things ever go sour.


I won’t say “Never” because things do change, but right now I don’t give a single damn about it. It’s all about me, not me and she.



I like freedom.


Considering my social situation with women these last few years (seriously, I haven’t even had anything resembling a girlfriend or even a hookup since high school, woe is me I know), I just don’t see marriage happening anytime soon.


I am married, but for a large chunk of my life, I planned to never be married. I done messed up. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my wife, she is my best friend, but I have serious issues with commitment that seemed to pop up right around the time the rings went on our fingers…


i dunno angry, asslickers are rare as shit, i would hold on to what you got


I’m the asslicker, not my wife…


I don’t think anyone should want to get married, until they find the person they want to marry. People tend to blind themselves with the destination instead of focusing on the journey.


I’m a cute girl. Use to be a nice cute girl but after hearing so many kitchen and sandwhich jokes, [S]y[/S][S]a’all can stick to your pr0n [/S] I think I’m going to be passing on marriage for some time. :stuck_out_tongue:


However whats strange is all 3 of my last exes have offered to cook for me, so I’m somewhat confused now.

But real talk… I don’t know. I get lonely at times, but I fear getting married would just open up greater complications for me. I’ve seen, heard and witnessed so much
abuse in families… divorce rates very high (I know divorced people too tellin me it was the biggest mistake of their life ect) it just scares me. :confused:


Eh, I’m miserable enough as it is without having to worry about someone trying to take half my shit. But love makes people do crazy things. So, maybe someday…


I never thought I would either, but here I am with an engagement ring and a wedding in September. My fiance is very literally my best friend in the world, and there’s no one I’d rather spend my time with. We even play Street Fighter together regularly :stuck_out_tongue: (her Ibuki is actually some pretty srs bidness).

I can honestly say, however, that I would not get married under any other circumstances. Random, common law, and “why not?” marriages always end shitty. If you have a good thing going, there’s no reason to screw it up with permanence that you both may regret.

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I’m just wondering, does anyone actually know anything about divorce laws or are you just assuming that if you get divorced you lose half of everything? I know divorced people and they didn’t lose shit except a wife.


They are different in each state. I have a buddy going through a divorce and his wife was the one that cheated. They lived here (Pennsylvania) and moved to California and that’s why they decided to divorce…he has to give her a crap load of alimony because of the laws out there. When he was here the crew told him he needed to get out of the situation (it was BAD), but he stayed with her.


It’s also not so much the financial burden on the people in the divorce (however as Qrazy correctly stated, depends on state) but there’s huge emotional baggage that comes with it…


Pics or you didn’t happen.


(Women?! On my SRK?! It’s more likely than you think!

In before “OMG hi 2 you!”.)

Heh, I should have expected this given the other thread. At least you decided to be a lot more original comparative to that time.

I was forced to answer “Hell no” because apparently only quoting Will Smith can get across the sentiment instead of a simple “no”. I’ll try to be more succinct with my multitude of reasons this time:
[]I am not deluded and so I do not buy into society’s lie that marrying someone proves you love them. That’s such obvious bullshit that it genuinely saddens me that most people don’t see through it and get dragged into doomed marriages. Hurray for singlism.
]Similarly, I’m not going to be forced to shell out an exorbitant amount of money on something as tacky as a “white wedding” just to “prove my love”. I don’t have money as it is and even if I did, wasting tens of thousands of dollars for one day just because the wedding industry is as (blatantly) avaricious as any other business is idiotic. Fuck that noise. Besides, “bridezillas” are horrible creatures and if I find out that I’m getting hitched to a stealth one, I’d ninja vanish so fast she’d be seeing leaves for days.
[]Relatedly, I find most jewelry rather gaudy and rings hurt my fingers. I don’t want to have to be thought of as unfaithful just because I don’t have a metal band (literally) stuck around one of my fingers at all times or because I lost it like the clumsy, forgettable oaf I can be.
]I’d rather spend time trying to get the legal bonuses from marriage applied to everyone rather than just be a lazy bastard and get married, even if that’s perhaps not feasible. (No offense to anyone who’s married, but most of the legal “perks” of marriage aren’t needed, especially since the status perks aren’t going to go away anytime soon and it’s not like a child being “illegitimate” or “legitimate” changes anything.)
[*]I refuse to be a part of practice that is knowingly and proudly discriminatory. You’d think that the marriage industry would be all over the money they could make off of weddings (and divorces) between same-sex couples, but no…marriage is “sacred” even though people can still drunkenly elope in places like Vegas every weekend and half of all people end up divorced. Right. Britney Spears’s drunken marriage and immediate annulment were so precious.
Meh. There might be other reasons that I’m forgetting at present.

The only instance I could see myself getting married, even to someone I actually cared for, would only be for legal reasons/perks, mainly to skirt that bullshit rule of being unable to visit people in the hospital and will your stuff to others, AND only if we both signed a pre-nup.

Just the potential losing half of everything without a pre-nup is bullshit, especially when the other party never earned as much (or anything) or was the one who was in the wrong. It is just another reason that marriage is vastly overrated, at least for purposes of love; when it comes to earning money that you didn’t have work for yourself, though, it is top tier, second only to outright crime.

Don’t even get me (or Million) started about alimony and all that tomfoolery.