Who here sells cases that support fanta sticks?


Saulabi sucks. Can’t stand cases that slant.

Anyway who here sells cases that support fanta?


ask laugh how much an empty joytron paewang revolution is?


That case doesn’t support fanta :frowning:


Isn’t it just a case of cutting a wider hole for the stick? In which case I expect most custom makers could do that for you.


No its not it has to be an entirely different mount.


I’m sure that any of the custom builders would be able to put one together for you if you specify that you want to fit a fanta, as it should just be a 38mm (I think that’s right) hole for the bottom of the shaft, and then whatever sized square for the mounting plate. I would ask Souji, or Voltech, they both make blank cases and I’m sure would be able to make one to your needs.

I’m currently waiting for my fanta stick to arrive any day now, so I’ll be trying to see how it fits into one of my cases.