Who here would like to see Terry Bogard in Street Fighter?

I sure would!!! Him vs ken is epic!! I think terry would be a very solid character in the street fighter relm…so watcha think?

I would like to see a pea in a pod. :angel:

Are you ok!?!?

Awesome Thread

hehe :slight_smile:

Looks like someone missed out on CvS2!

iv played cvs2…i want to see him as a sfIV char tho…cvs2 gave me the idea to be exact

I saw it…he went very well, but he and Rock were pretty basic characters in the first place. SNK’s more complex characters only got dumbed-down so as to be at a fair level with sf chars. There’s a reason they didn’t put Andy or Robert in cvs: they’d only have fucked them up.

Karnov would be funner to see.

I wonder who would win in a fight Terry or Ryu

yea your right on that they would have to be nerfed a little

i think ryu would take that matchup…IF he turns evil :smiley:

Who wants to see OP banned? I do.

what…the…fuck happened to my SRK

I want to see Lady GaGa in BlazBlue.

2010 is shaping up to be worse than 09. This is a versus thread in disguise.

I think ryu would win cuz he is from SF, and SF isn’t anime.


I could’ve sworn years back this would be locked after 3 posts…

and that’s from me lurking 3 years ago…

Giza is on the right track.

Ray McDougal for Marvel.