Who in C groove can beat C Guile?

As topic suggests… who the fuck (using C groove) beats Guile in C? I know A Sakura and K Blanka can give him problems along with A Blanka, and maybe N iori… but seriously in C groove… he seems to rape everyone worth a damn. I know Vega does… but outside him… I am clueless.

Rolento does well. Other than that…


Hell yeah Bison and Cammy both do well.

(Disclaimer: I suck. I could be way off at any given time on any given subject.)

Cammy? I’m confused about this one. I was under the impression that Guile could handle the standard cammy if he wasn’t getting stupid with a bunch of sonic booms. Could you explain this matchup better? Thanks.

Sagat beats guile

I agree with that last one: C Sagat is a worth opponent to guile.

If Sagat counters a sonic boom with a fireball, it’s an opening to land a f.hp or f.hk

Sagat has advantage in the air and cr.hp seems to beat out a lot of ground game that guile has.

i find that kyo does good against guile, i dont think guile has any anti air normal that cleanly beats kyos d+fp…low jumping kyo gives guile problems…in particular p groove kyo, but k kyo works almost as good at p groove kyo against guile…

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Yamazaki does well if fighting up close. Just use Guile’s sweep kicks to keep him from getting too close.

i thought guile beat sagat because sagat can’t duck guile’s backfist, and he can AA sagat with either RC boom, far standing mp, or crouching fierce.


and another Guile.

Iori is good, Kyo is okay. Vega, Rolento are good. I have a theory that Joe is good in this match but it’s untested.

IMO sagat and cammy are both countered by guile, especially Sagat who you can backfist all day long. Pretty much any char that cant duck backfist loses to guile.

Why do you think bison is good, Brandon? I dont think thats a good match for Bison at all.

No one in C Except Rolento really. Guile > Cammy, Guile > Sagat. N Iori is good.


outside of RC scissors, I thought guile had a really hard time countering the head stomp/devil reversee. Headstomp seems to trade in Bison’s favor.

Roll? Quick jump block? RC Flash Kick? I dunno… doesn’t seem like headstomp would be a concern. Could you elaborate?

Sweeping to keep out Yama? :confused:

i’m not suggesting bison can whore the moves over and over again. With Bison I use my rolls to keep my range just outside of his standing roundhouse range and react to everything he throws at me. Obvious I can just RC scissor but for those times when that isn’t safe I can react to a sonic boom with either a headstomp or a devil’s reverse. The mix up is safe enough IMO to have Bison come out on top. Basically I’m just saying against a sonic boom coming towards you Bison has a lot more option than most other characters, that’s why I put him up there as a good match-up versus Guile. Most other characters once that sonic boom is out they’re on the defensive, at least Bison can trade damage.

Joe can slide under sonic booms and can pressure Guile with tnt punches, ducking jabs etc. He doesnt really beat Guile though, its fairly even from my experience.

Ok. I see what you’re saying. To condense things, people that are said to beat C-Guile from C-groove:


Common trend is ways around sonic boom/low forward. Any others?

Nako can do it!!

I used to do relatively well against good Guile players with Nakoruru. Many, but not all Guiles I’ve seen initiate their offense with a sonic boom. Then they move in and just stir up an onslaught of damn good normal attacks, or wait for you to react.

  1. You jump forward, they anti-air.
  2. You jump straight up or back, they advance (often leading you to the corner)
  3. If close enough you block, then can still be smacked with his back hand fierce.

Guile players have so much confidence in leading of with the sonic boom because it’s pretty safe in most cases. More often then not, a C-Guile with start every match with a sonic boom within the first 5 seconds.

Now, Nako is damn good against Guile cause she can slap that shit back at him. Her snapback move (reverse DP) is really good cuz it disrupts Guile’s game plan, especially since a lot of players will use it as their first move (from the default distance). I can almost guarantee that the Guile player will be hit by the first “cloak reflection” (I can’t remember the actually name of the move) cuz they’ll be following it. To see it coming back at them will suprise them for sure!! “Damn, I for got she could do that!”

What about RC? Even if they RC it, you’ll reflect it from that distance. Now, if they’re smart they’ll change up the offensive game and start to turtle. They want you to try to jump in. “Oh yeah, that’s what I want!!” Flashkick!! or RC sonic boom!! Then they’ll start the Guile bullshit all over again.
This is why you let the fight come to you. Don’t be a complete turtle, but let them give you something to counter. Remember, Guile only has charge special moves. So, he will have no effective charge RCs if he has to come get you!! Right?? So, walk back and forward a little bit. Piss’em off a little.
Now, the only thing is Nako can’t out poke Guile. Footsies is probably out of the question. His crouching medium kick will definitely cause a problem. Use a little properly timed “bird action.” Eventually, probably sooner than expected, they’ll try to close the distance. If that means jumping in, let’em. Use her anti-air (cr. fierce) or even crouching sweep if they attack while jumping in. If Guile hasn’t built a full meter by now, he’ll be close to it (standing back, turtling, doing medium moves to inch that meter up). You should do the same! If they close the distance, IMO you’ve got’em where you want’em. In order to keep them from doing horizontal <–>charge moves (sonic boom, both kick supers, or level three, cross him up here and there. The only thing he’s got (and they know it) to combat Nako’s really good crossup is regular/RC flashkick. So don’t go crazy with you’re crossups. But more than likely, if you can bait one out by jumping up (small jumping would be even better) at a safe distance or just doing a headfake:D, they’ll do it as their last resort. A missed flashkick, means free damage for Nako!!
On his way down, get close: crouching short, jab, short, fireball punch. Or, if you’ve got any meter at all, Sweep XX hcb,hcb+punch (bird super)!! Yes sir, that works!! If you can’t do it yet, learn it. If you ever see an opportunity for a trip guard, use it.
There’s probably more to this match-up, but I’m not an expert. That’ll do though in my opinion. Oh yeah, her slide goes under sonic booms too. So yeah in conclusion, a good C-or N-groove Nako can handle a very good C-Guile IMO.