Who in your opinion is the most brain dead fighting game character ever?




all the characters you play!


Off the top of my head I would say Cinder from Killer Instinct.

It’s not exactly high level tested, but as a kid I went from losing 95% of the time with my “main” Jago to being unbeatable (by the same 3 dudes that pwned me for free) once I discovered his insane cross ups. Literally unbeatable, they eventually banned me from choosing him because it was “cheap”. In fairness we were all scrubby to an extent back then.


in before dumb people make dumb posts


mvc3 phoenix and petshop

or some other character from a dumb obscure fighter like ivan ooze.




Cinder ruins Killer Instinct


Is this actually true at a high-level? I’m genuinely curious, not necessarily contesting your statement. I know that once I found the crazy cross ups I was playing a different game to my friends, felt like they had no answers to what I was doing. Again, this is when we were all kind of scrubby, but it was just as I was beginning to realise fighting games were more than shiny graphics doing cool moves.

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Kevin from Garou Mark of the Wolves. Easy execution, 100% kill combos.


Zappa, he don’t even got a brain anymore, he’s the definition of brain dead.

(Unless you count zappa as the ghost who is possessing him too in which case I guess there’s brain activity there…sortof? man this is getting weird and technical)


Galactus: almost all his buttons do damage ranging from a high-damaging special to a hyper combo.


Vergil. Sometimes Hulk because of H



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Vergil. Sometimes Hulk because of H


That alone makes hulk the best character online


Kenshi in MK9
Magaki and Shion in KOF XI


The OP doesn’t seem to be looking for necessarily high tier characters but rather just very simple characters…

My initial reaction is mega man, then maybe eddy from taken and Honda in hf can be picked up to a relatively effective level just by a novice being introduced to the right button or two to mash


Ivan Ooze, MMPR.

You don’t even need to know how to play a fighting game to win with him.


This is the one true answer. I have never played as Ivan Ooze, but I saw the video demonstrating his brokenness. Pretty sure he could break out of hitstun (and punish), was unthrowable and could runaway from anyone if he wanted to.




mugen characters


One anti air and its a wrap