Who is a good beginner character for me


Heres what i always like in characters
Good keepaway
Good ability to run
Easy combos
Easy to use

I want this character to be my character as long as i play the game any suggestions?


Dhalsim ? Rose ? Poison ?

One of those 3 I guess


Dhalsim isn’t easy to use. It’s one of the other two I guess.


Who turtles the most of the 3


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Moving to the newbie dojo.


Personally id say sagat.




“The Answer Lies in the Heart of Battle.”

“It cannot be found by seeking, but only seekers shall find it.”


Sagat can’t run tho.

Guile is a decent choice too




Yeah your right, but you can’t have it all tho :confused:
I agree with guile but he is a bit difficult to learn imo.




ryu, balrog, guile, bison, blanka, rose


play though ALL the characters and pick the one u feel suits u the best. Just that simple friend


I’m not sure about this criteria of being able to run. The only one who meets it is Elf. Otherwise anybody can up back all day long until you hit a corner and get rocked. Basing your selection on being able to timer scam by not fighting shouldn’t be a selection parameter and I highly suggest you remove it.


Ryu never fails when it comes to getting a grip on the fundamentals though I myself have found myself using Sakura (basically the girl version of Ryu and a LOT more nimble) in the short time I have had SSF4 AE2012


I’d probably say Ryu. He has fairly straight forward combos. And he only has three moves, all of which are fairly simple.