Who is a good partner for abel?



i am trying to re-learn how to play this game. i am trying to give it a second chance, i was wondering who would be a good partner for abel and why?


Personally I think Abel fits on a lot of teams. But with 2013 coming out, his spacing/footsie game is going to take a small hit due to boost combo nerfs and step kick still being -1. His post knockdown and mix up game is going to be crazy scary though, plus he’ll do more damage.

I usually play him as second with someone that I feel comfortable playing on point that can build good meter.


Been using Kaz on Point And Abel as anchor and I’m feeling it especially damage wise, big damage off of simple combos, I also quite liked Jin/Abel team I wanna keep experimenting with Abel as an anchor. Wanna try him with other grapplers as well like Gief, Marduk and in 2013 King!


thoughts on Abel point, Bob anchor? Bob does big dmg off of tags right?


I think it works, but being on point he won’t have meter to prevent getting rushed down. As long as a character counters some of his weaknessess, ie: doesn’t use alot of meter, good reversal, high damage output.


I was watching some of the combos on the bob thread and he seems to do a lot of damage and also fills both point and anchor roles. but what i wanted, was the abel mixup with pressure and throws to footsies-> launcher taggging into big damaging partner. I didn’t know that being rushed down was his weakness. so exTT/CC is the only tool to prevent that? what about his roll as a defensive tool?


Yeah, all his ex moves(except shoulder) are invincible on startup, but none of his normal specials are. Even marsellies roll is hittable for the first few frames. So without meter you can’t really get out of pressure that well. But his offense makes up for the defense.


Abel/Yoshi, Abel can command Grab off of Yoshi’s EX suicide. for some ludicrous damage! Worth the 2 bars.


Been working on Bryan/Abel and it’s working out very, very well. Really good synergy with them.



Play a solid ground game whilst buffering launcher into your pokes/counter pokes and this team will do you wonders with its damage and in my opinion, great synergy. Although honestly, what I’ve just said stands for any team really. But I feel that Ken and Abel can play the ground game really well.

Abel benefits extremely off of a Tatsu switch cancel, whether it be grounded or juggling which also leads into his mix-ups.

After a Wheel Kick ground bounce you can do launcher and get Ken back in to work in his mix-ups/frame-traps/Kara throw and/or fish for a counter hit by CADC’ing and using a bar.

Abel’s launcher brings the opponent high enough to do Ken’s strongest CADC tag combo rather easily.

Abel can also convert easily off of an anti air Shoryu switch cancel and do nearly 400 damage leading into his mix-ups.

Heck Ken is pretty ace at punishing with fierce Shoryu and with meter you can switch cancel it and do over 400 damage with Abel every time.

There is so much more to be written about this team too.

Will perhaps update later.