Who is a good secondary for Adon?

All of us Adon players can probably spot that he’s got some pretty weak matchups. Who do you guys think is a good secondary that can pick up those bad matches for Adon?

I use Guile or Bison when I’m not using Adon.

Bison I’m best with
Adon is my current project and attempted main
Guile is my fallback when I feel like my offense isn’t doing it

i use the “crazy bitch” juri, just to learn someone new.

then i usually stuck with chun li in the regular street fighter 4.

?I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.?

-Bruce Lee

Honestly, it depends more on your personal play style and what you’re good at than which characters “complement” Adon. A character may have similar strengths and weaknesses to Adon but might still be a better matchup for you, it depends. Personally I like Honda and I’m working on Dhalsim, Chun and Bison as my alts, but that could change. It just depends on what clicks for you.

Not just because I’ve mained him since vanilla, but Seth is an interesting secondary for Adon. Both have solid mixups, and great corner pressure. Plus I don’t auto-die with Seth as I do with Adon to people like Gief and Hawk.

I just wanna know which characters can cover Adon’s bad matchups the most. Any input would be greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

Rose is a good pick, by the way? I kinda like her - and she improved a lot in Super.

I’d have to say Adon is an awesome secondary for Adon players. That’s just me though.

I used Vega in vanilla, and I’ve made Adon my super main, so when I’m not playing him it’s back to Vega. Course with the buffs they gave him, it almost feels like I’m cheating when I use Vega now. They have a similar playstyle, in that they both employ pokes and aerial specials to close distance and do damage. Vega’s defense is a little better than Adon’s however. If you want mobility but to stay on the rushdown game, I’d recommend Bison as a good alt.

Balrog was my VSF4 main, with Sagat as secondary, and both are solid backups for me in Super because of that, but I’ve also been putting time into Dee Jay and T. Hawk, the former of which is shaping up nicely. I suck with Hawk though.

I agree, though the T.Hawk matchup for me with Adon still is pretty hard if the opponent knows what hes doing.

Sagat… I’ve mained him from the beginning and in every match that Adon suffers, Sagat excels. No brainer. I sub Adon cuz he’s so much fun to play atm.

Matchups are hardly known for now so it’s impossible to give these answers. Play a char you like.

Now that’s just ignorant

Rose is my main, and I took to Adon fairly quickly in Super. They have similar styles in that they are not the most combo happy, distance is crucial for any combos you do pull off and they both have some tight links. I love Rose. lots of fun and her footsies are top tier, IMO. Like Adon again, great normals.

I like to use Dan. >_>

A secondary to Adon, you mean someone to use that can just beat other match ups? That doesn’t make sense, use Ryu, use Ken, use Akuma; shoto’s beat everyone.

That’s not going to help your Adon beat those “bad matchups”.

Its not ignorant.
While we have some general ideas what matchups might be good/bad they havent solidified to the point where anything is definite yet.

Abel is my secondary to Adon.

Cammy, Bison, Akuma, Blanka all gave me a hard time w/Abel. Adon takes care of these.

Adon - aggressive, special move mixups, DP/FADC/U2 (although I usually just play U1 for the damage)
Abel - mindgames, big damage, lots of health, TT, badass U2

Covers all my bases.

Sagat. Most of Adons bad match ups become good if u second him.