Who is better against Chun li: Alex or Dudley?

Both have a hard time against chun, i was wondering who has the best chance to beat her. Both deal good stun, have good mix ups but chun pokes > their pokes.

dudley because once he gets started, it’s a big combo that is coming.

dudley is a way way way scarier character than alex when he gets momentum.

i play against scrub chun who uses sa1 , still can win abit though …with alex .

the thing is i find that dudley has a harder time getting close to chun than alex. from what ive seen, a lot of dudleys tend to jump against chun and chun always walks to the other side. although i admit that in midscreen dudley can deliver more damage (ex machine gun combos > mk,ex flash chop) but in the corner i think they are equal ( i mean between alex and dudley).

in the corner they definately arent equal, especially against chun.

this just comes down to why alex isnt that good, he’s just not scary. he has s.fp overhead, which granted does do good stun, but doesnt lead into anything, and doesnt give a knockdown. he has no threatening even 1/2way safe low moves to combo chun low. he has c.short xx sa2 which is completely unsafe is basically his only combo option. his sweep is terribly unsafe against a chun with meter, as opposed to dudleys sweep which is completely safe on block, and leads into far more. dudley has more safe things to mixup with…alex is severely limited in his options. so while he is pretty simple to play, hes also pretty limited generally. dudleys moves are faster, safer, hit confirmable, and hit from all directions, alex doesnt have that.


Dont let me find the moron who said alex

is true that alex is way suck against chun .
i’m playing against a ‘scrub’ chun …

About to say casue alex vs chun is damn near a lost cause :sad:


i think hugo vs chun maybe an easier matchup :stuck_out_tongue:

for Chun yes

hey Ty, what do you do against Chun?

dudley, shit.

Yo… uh… Chun is such a stupid match haha 8). I can’t do much =. But overall I try to do as much damage before she gets her super and when I happen to knock chun down I have to do major damage/work her into corner. Its a very hard match for me, I play against Shadini, Amir, and yi’s chun. They all own me. Lesser chuns aren’t as big a deal.

Chun is one of Alex worst matchups.