Who is better, Geese or Zero in SVC:Chaos

title. Me and some friends are arguing who is better in that game. I don’t play it so I wouldn’t know.

1st. ZERO
2nd. TESSA
3rd. O. IORI
4th. GEESE

NOW close this thread

I’d say Zero. Geese is probably scrubbier though.

Also, THE ANSWER, I’m interested as to why you rate Tessa above Geese. Or O. Iori for that matter too.

1st. Zero
2nd. Geese
3rd. Guile
4th. Chun
5th. O Iori
6th. Shiki
7th. Tessa

That’s actually what the list is supposed to be. Anyways, although Geese has one of the easiest BS infinites I have come to known, Zero makes it so that you don’t want to jump since fear of the infinite. He has annoying ground proj and combos to make you want to jump as well.

What the hell??? Neither of those lists are right. The best tournaments in Japan have shown that the top tiers are Mr. Karate, O. Iori, and Ryu. I really don’t feel like outlining why, but I can if it makes such a big difference. Just having infinites doesn’t make Geese and Zero OMGWTFBBQ tier. Tessa isn’t that great because her unblockable can be blocked, and Chun and Guile setups are pretty easy to see through. Chun Li, Terry, Guile, Geese, and Zero are all high tier, but they don’t have the overall coherency that Mr. Karate, O. Iori, and Ryu have.

there were svc tourneys in japan? link plz.

way to go for making ridiculous claims, and not backing them up, of course when you say something you gotta explain why

o iori-fireball,AA

nuff said! :china:

LOL :encore: really its Athena! :lovin: & red ammer! :badboy:

You’re ridiculous, please provide proof.

LOL You CAN’T block Tessa’s ghost if you do her GLITCH correctly. And Tessa is 3rd. in rank after Zero and Geese.

Damn, SvC threads really bring out the trolls. ^ Shin Lionkaiser is back after being banned for like the 403494034053904th time

Big Bad Mog, after reading your list, Guile can’t do anything against chun (jump b is too good against him, and she can low short/low fwd under his sonic booms which takes away his #1 weapon.)

O. Iori and Tessa should be alot higher on that list, theyre really buff…and then Terry would be at like, 6-7th, after all those top tier chars. Just IMO.

I’m agreeing with Zero / Tessa / O.Iori / Geese, in the event that you allow secret characters in a tournament (I see a lot of tournaments with this disallowed). I’d say something to the lines of Tessa / Chun-Li / Terry / Shiki or Ryu / Guile? if you aren’t allowing them.

The thing about Chun ill give credit to, but I don’t think O. Iori and Tessa could top Guile or Chun. Although Tessa’s game is real nasty once she starts getting her momentum up, I fail to see how it can actually take flow and keep going against Chun’s rushdown or Guile’s keepaway. Guile can still do a lil rush against Tessa cancelling normals in sonicbooms like crazy, and other than risky moves for Tessa to be throwing out randomly like a dp, I still don’t see how she can turn the tables unless there is some tactic that I am missing. O. Iori I can’t really see anything of his that makes him very powerful since I’m not a player of his and from what I’ve seen, he doesn’t have any strong arseanls other than his insanely fast sj.

Oh, and going to Ryu, Mr. Karate, and O. Iori being top because of that silly lil’ game, if that was the fact, then wouldn’t just about any of the top-tier chars with infinites beat the shit outta the others the same way? Zero can throw fireballs then anti-air them, but its an anti-air infinite! Geese? Raging Storm that shit or dash block counter thing afterwards to get in their face with the infinite. You don’t understand, you just run up to the guy, close C, foward D, then its over.

well if I have to explain. OK ZERO owns Tessa cause she cant ge into him and zero doesnt have to get close to her to do damage. Tessa owns Geese cause in order for him to do serious damage he needs to get really close to her and as we know Tessa has a great zone game and if he does get close its a chance for her to do her glitch. Against O.Iori basically it the same reason, his speed doesn’t really matter I’ve seen a man step foward into grab into glitch constantly, out of a Ioris jumping B with no way of him getting out of it.

BTW Tessa’s glitch is UNBLOCKABLE if done right. You CAN NOT escape.

But then again O. Iori owns Zero for free.

So let me get this straight.

People play this piece of shit game?

The game may be broken, but the characters just keep bringing me back. Not to mention, Dimitri’s sprite looks sooo much better than the midget DS one. :tup: I agree this game isn’t tourney worthy, but if you’re bored, its always nice. Besides, it has Goenitz. :badboy:

So let me get this straight.

People play this piece of shit game.

ROTFLOL!!! Thank u sir!