Who is Capcom QA, and what do they do?

Who are they and what is their job? I heard that they’re better than J Wong and Diago combined, is that true?

QA stands for quality assurance. They are game testers. They play the game and look for bugs basically have months of advance play time before the game is release to the public. Honestly, though, I would take what S-Kill said with a grain of salt. QA on almost any title is never as good as the greatest of gaming public. Maybe during the first few weeks they are the best but others quickly catch up. The people getting paid to play it 8-12 hours a day are of course crazy good but the super hardcore usually surpass them because their passion for the game runs deeper than getting in their required time for the day. Or else you would see them at tournaments and such.

Why wouldn’t they be entering tournaments if they are better than JWong and Daigo combined? Game testers don’t make nearly the kind of money someone stronger than Justin could be making winning US tournaments.

I’ve heard of Japanese top players being involved in non public play testing of games before, but I doubt your rank and file Capcom QA employee would even win local tournaments.

Any of the testers will have inside information about the game. Using this information to win money from others wouldn’t be very ethical. No idea if what Seth said is true or not, but if it is, this would be why they don’t enter tournaments.

What is Jwong’s yearly income? I doubt it’s that much better than a job where you basically get to do the exact same thing, get a reasonable income, with way more job security and better benefits. Also, you aren’t relying on your performance in tournaments to provide you income, you just show up to work. I have no doubt that they are VERY good at fighting games, seeing that they get thousands of hours of practice. Best in the world? maybe not, but still VERY good.

Unless they sign a contract, I’m sure someone would toss their ethics aside for thousands of dollars.

And just having information doesn’t really mean anything.

Do you know any video game testers? 95% of them are making maybe a buck or 2 higher than minimum wage, with no benefits or job security.

Furthermore, testing software isn’t the same as practicing Street Fighter. They aren’t trying to get better at the game, just find problems with it.

Just out of curiosity, where did Seth Killian say this? I’d like to read that. And I feel like at some point everyone can have the same knowledge of a game, it then comes down to reactions and execution. I’m sure game testers are great at Street Fighter, but better than Daigo and Justin? Doubtful.

Here’s the link. http://www.shacknews.com/onearticle.x/62815 .

He never said they were better than Justin or Daigo…

All he said is that they were very good and that he’s sure they could be some of the top players in japan basically.

For the record Raoh is a great player and he’s used to be on the QA team.

“He used to work at Capcom QA and wasn’t even in the top 20 players on the QA team.”

First match is Raoh vs Dirty(one of the best oro players)

Sure Seth could be wrong, but I think that Raoh statement as a testament to the whole thing.

This is actually completely incorrect. Especially at a company like Capcom where they’re staffed employees. A quality assurance team are not “video game testers”. Paying people two bucks above minimum wage is a way to guarantee your game is going to be a buggy piece of crap.

theres different levels of qa

those guys probably make some actual bank, compared to your common bug monkeys.

I’m open to being corrected, but everyone I’ve known who has tested for games (which has always been well known publishers) was making shit wages and was temporary. Furthermore, Quality Assurance is a broad term, and from what I know, QA for games is bottom tier on the QA tier list. If, for example, you were QA for Microsoft, its completely different, and it certainly pads the average income.

Who is your daddy, and what does he do?

Yeah, I’m sure you know temp testers who are brought on. Though it just doesn’t represent the majority of QA people. Certainly the broad term of QA can even include the guys who raise the little hammer and let it ding against the Sam Adam’s glass, though, it’s just not who we’re talking about. [media=youtube]hu3jYojnbPM#t=1m3s[/media]

That is listing QA engineers. Those are the people who work closely with the dev team creating tools for testing and generally know a lot about code and such. They don’t actually test the game for long periods of time. The type of QA referenced by Seth are the ones that basically bug test, and yes they make little over minimum wage and work stupid long hours. I know TONS of people in QA.

What s-kill said about Capcom QA really interested me too. Ono has actually said the exact same thing on the SF4 blog, so there’s probably some truth to it. The reason they don’t want to bother entering tournaments is because they don’t want to have to win their yearly salary. They don’t actually have to win Capcom QA tourneys to get payed, they just have to break the games, which is funner and safer (i guess).

We should keep asking S-kill about these guys.

  • I make more than the pot of an average weekly in a day. (Which isn’t saying much)
  • So unless someone is hitting up 5 tournies a week or 3 really good ones they aren’t making that much compared to a normal job.
  • Given the time a tournament takes hitting up more than a couple a weekend would be very hard
  • diminishing returns: If you really are winning every tournament and paying your bills off of it, the number of people entering to hand you money every week will go down.
  • Then you have to factor in working within a geographic region, region because anything outside of that comes with extra travel cost, gas, bus/train ticket, possible place to stay.
  • Sure EVO and MWC etc give out big prizes but thats only once every few months.
  • All of this is based on the fact that you perform and win All of the time. To keep up income.

I’d rather take the tester job.

I am so happy I wasn’t the only one who was going to reply with this :'D

QA cant enter capcom games tournys.justin was tellin me he got invited to work for capcom but once hes in he cant enter tournments.its a contract they have to sign.but he said nah

My dad works at nintendo and you all are wrong