Who is cody talking about to chun li?

when you beat chun-li cody says in his win quote: “I’m tellin’ ya lady, I ain’t who you think I am. He died a long time ago.”

do we know who they are talking about? any help or answers would be greatly appreciated, this is driving me crazy!

i’ve heard cody is similar to joe from street fighter 1 in the same way that balrog/boxer is to mike so maybe it’s him?

He’s referring to his old self. (as a hero)

while thats the most obvious(&probably correct:razzy:) assumption… it is quite possible hes referring to joe

but yeah i had been wondered the same thing myself, & since i barely played original streetfighter, i poked around fightersgeneration for a minute…

(even tho his fightersgeneration article says he resembles abel) the concept style artists rendering of joe does bear a resemblance to cody

also joes special move is crack kick
ok so maybe its just a generic rolling sobat(jump spinning back kick)

but the next thing i was like wtf:

does this look familiar

soooo who knows…
but i like to think its a vague joe reference…
& what the thinker thinks, the prover proves :razz:

WOW, nice find! didn’t even know about this guy

Joe WAS supposed to be in A3, but yeah it’s true they scrapped him and turned him into Cody, although Crack Kick was Cody’s jump attack move from FF1.

In fact most of Cody’s normals come from either his FF1 animations or FF1 enemies (c.MK slide was the slide kick Hollywood/El Gado used)

But I’m guessing Chun Li means the man Cody used to be. I’m not sure how Chun Li would know Joe.

interpol case file of grafitti wall busters? :lol:

& about his ff moveset… i always thought they left out the most important stuff: the crucial jumping double knee drop(jump, down+attack) that followed right into the sobat(or viceversa)

“He died a long time ago” is such a cliche “THAT’S THE MAN I WAS” phrase, it’s pretty obvious he’s just referring to himself.

This. But you never know… :stuck_out_tongue:

Well when Chun-Li wins the match she says “WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU CODY YOU USED TO BE HERO?!?!?”

I think the obvious question is, how does Chun Li even know Cody? Unless she heard stories about him?

Everyone heard what Cody, Guy and Haggar did. It’s not everyday 3 Street Fighters go ahead and take on an entire city.

while you’re at it, check this out:

cody: http://cdn.medialib.computerandvideogames.com/screens/screenshot_224747_thumb300.jpg

retsu: http://www.demajen.net/superdojo/pics/danbustedup.jpg

Umm she works for interpol of course she heard of him.

you’re all a bunch of noobs

joking btw, dont take it to heart :lol: