Who is considered the better player?

Who is considered the better player in these scenarios:

  1. One that is the absolute best in one super competitive game, or one that is elite (but not the best) in multiple super competitive games (for arguments sake, we’ll just say 5 games)?

  2. If the answer to the previous question is the best player for the one game, skip this question, but if the answer to the question is the multiple game player, what about a good player (a notch or two below elite level) playing multiple super competitive games.

  3. Who is a better player between the absolute best in one super competitive game, or one that is the best in multiple games, but they are either dead, or fringe games (for arguments sake, we’ll say 10 games)?

  4. If the answer to the previous question is the multiple game player, what about someone that is good (but not elite or the best) at the multiple dead or fringe games?

And just in case anyone says anything, I’m not talking about any specific games (although there are obvious hints).

I’m just going to go for the super obvious:

me > .

Everything else is just hilarious opinion, and this is a total gamefaqs thread.


I see one on your avatar :lol:

to answer the thread title

the one who wins

the answer is:

play good games.


The one without an 8 hour a day job.

I consider Daigo to be the best fighting game player in the world, he has mastered far too many super competitive games(while not necessarily being the best at them besides maybe SF4), many of which have varying different gameplay styles (GG, Vampire Savior, Third Strike, CvS2, ST, SFA3, SF4, etc etc). As for your second question, just being “good” wouldn’t be enough for me.

Just being the best at one game doesn’t determine whether you have a true understanding of how to play fighting games (for instance, one fighting game might have too much emphasis on some aspect (say, hardcore rushdown that is impossible to defend), so someone mastering such a game might not even know the importance of defense in fighting games, as opposed to someone who is an elite in many games).

The one who wins? Not sure how else you could gauge a better player.

Did the OP remind anyone else of those old Choose Your Own Adventure books or was it just me? :confused:

I know, I chose a) on the 2nd question and a bull smashed through my back door and trampled my grandmother.

Daigo Umehara.


Since when did Daigo “master” Guilty Gear?

Lol @ every thread TarkanX starts being about ranking players, or “who is better” or whatnot, haha.

The One. :cool:

thread is fail
didnt ur math teacher teach u how to work out averages?

(on a scale of 1 to 5):
player 1 - 5, 3, 3, 3, 3 = 3.4 avg
player 2 - 4, 4, 4, 4, 4 = 4 avg

player 1 is the better player in only 1 game,
player 2 is the better player in 4 games…and thus the overall better player
wuts so hard to understand? o__o

justin wong

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midwest is considered “better playas” for shogun