Who is fixing sticks at Evo?

Read topic, post prices too (also if you’re bringing replacement parts – I might need a new Sanwa stick PCB).

If you are and read this you can reach me at 305 542 5344 on my cell phone at ~8PM on Thursday as I will be stalking the Tropicana premises by then.

I’ve been fixing sticks at Evo for like the past 4 years (excluding last year since I wasn’t there) but I forgot my soldering iron, etc. I’ll see if I can get ahold of some tools so I can accomodate the crowd once again. Also, I might be able to get you a new Sanwa stick PCB but not sure yet. Wish I had known sooner so I could have grabbed one from home. Also, my prices are very cheap, I usually don’t charge at all unless it’s something drastic.

-Tha Hindu

I am almost sure it just needs a PCB replacement, and we can use the same harness cable that’s already in the stick. It really seems to me that the microswitches on it are failing and it just needs a new PCB.

I will hunt you down. =D

I can minor repairs also. Just wont have any spare parts =/

you would think someone by now would setup a booth and get their hustle on



Anyways, ive made few sticks in my time and can help. BUT cant bring my soldering iron or nothing so, if you (whoever) want to bring the stuff, i can resolder ect.