Who is fun to play in 3s?

I have been playing 3s for awhile now and played through most of the cast. Right now i’m kind of bored of 3s and want a new character to play. I was wondering what chracter is the most fun to play with and why

What happened to playing Makoto, Albert?

Pick Ken.

Ibuki is for sure one of the most fun characters to play…EVER!!!

Ryu, Hugo

I like to play Alex when I get a little bored, Hugo sometimes as well.


Dudley is fun if you enjoy mind games. Sean is fun if you just hate winning. Personally, I enjoy Ryu.

why is ibuki fun?

Hugo seems too hard to play because i suck at 360s and ryu is too much like ken

Randomly choose a different character each round, that way you can absorb ALL the funness!

ryu is fun if you use denjin. mind games! woo.

try elena if mixup is your idea of a good time, because thats like 80% of her game (mixup, then D.Mp into super or triple EX combo). the other 19% is poking, and 1% is countering cross-overs with EX rhino-horn -> scratch wheel, which for some reason never ceases to warm the cockles of my heart.

and when i’m feeling really bored but don’t feel like losing half my games I like to pick chun and use SAI just for something different.

well, you’re looking for something new to do, learn how to do 360’s and 720’s w/o jumping. gigas braker is a fun super.

I tend to play Ryu a bit more defensivley than Ken and I think it is fun to punish people hard with his combos. he has a way better karathrow too. Ontop of that all 3 of his supers are fun to play with: shinku, WMD, and denjin. cant say the same for Ken.

ibuki is fun for a while becuase has some neat mix ups and fun combos but she dies too easy and dying is the most unfun thing in 3s.

whats the technique to doing 360s
and 720s without jumping

Just spin the stick (or d-pad) really fast.

Edit: Seriously, that’s the technique.

3s is fun if you give yourself rules when playing. Like when I use yun, i give myself a rule that whenever i palm someone in genei jin, i have do a kara palm after, and i have to keep doing it.

Also i do things like if i use Ryu SA2, i land it without comboing.

or things like if i have akuma, i ahve to land the raging demon. No other super allowed.

or my personal favourite, no blocking.
everyone knows i don’t block.

Hugo is tons of fun if you can beast with him.

fuck 3s :tdown: play geese albert. hes the best

yang :tup:

just do a 540

play Q SAIII.

if you lose, no big deal. You were using Q SAIII, it’s pretty obvious you were going to lose.

but if you win you get mad props from everybody, even if it was just luck.

geese sounds fun

12 and Chun-Li.