Who is gonna play SF4, and who is gonna play TvC in the PNW?

Tatsunoku vs. Capcom is gonna be awesome, from the gameplay vids we’ve seen, and SF4 looks at least really damn decent if not pretty tight too.

Just wondering if Marvel players in general are interested at all in TvC? Guilty Gear players? I know most ST players are excited for SF4, personally I am more excited about TvC in a way because I think it will bring some of the versus players into a game I actually care about, and I wanna play some of the better marvel players in an entirely new game.

I’m definitely gonna be playing both. The uncertainty around TvC (what console is it coming out for and when?) is the only thing that’s keeping me from getting really excited about that game. I’m super hyped for SFIV.

EDIT-Why is there no option to choose both?

I’ll probably fuck with SF4 just because. I don’t get the TvC hype though, I don’t even know who 99% of the T characters are

^Nobody does. That’s not the point.

I dunno if either game will come out on a system I own/can afford. I’ll never have a 360 or PS3 so I might just be fucked.

Mechanica SF4 is confirmed for pc! so maybe you have hope there.

Im going to play both if possible. I am really excited by what I have seen with both. I am most excited for SF4 as Abel seems like the new Karin and it’s cool to have a character like that back in a game.

I will. I will play the characters that have an 8-way dash, and maybe Alex if he is the only grappler in the game.

Otherwise, I hope it is as brutal as Mvc2. No mercy for the weak.

I voted for all three.
I’ll play Alex if his ghetto stungun-headbutt x N combo is still in. :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe some Gold Laitan. :stuck_out_tongue:

I am definitely going to play both.

And HD Remix.

Coo’. If my computer can run it.

I will be accepting Tatsunoko vs Capcom and SFIV money matches. Here’s the breakdown.

2/3-$5 or $10

Sorry, nothing more nothing less. I got future children to save for. Choose any team/character you want.

/julian blake

I will prolly play both. My main will be T6 though, by the time I get back.

Dhalsim in SF4.

Dhalsim/Casshern in TvC (if it doesn’t have Dhalsim, will I even bother playing).

If TvC is not as crazy as MvC2, I’ll prolly go back to MvC2. I WANT GLITCHES! It’s not a VS game ithout glitches.

:rofl: classy.

should edit to include neither c.c;

Any word on Gameworks getting a SF4 cab?

I think I may be alone on this, but i’m not particularly excited about either game. I really hope one of the two games becomes the definitve fighting game that brings all the various communities together, but from all the footage I have seen so far, i’m not feeling very optimistic. It will be bomb to finally be playing Capcom fighting games in HD though.

I am tottally hyped about the focus attack cancel! The one thing that SF lacked was a way to get through fireballs without specials or jumping.

I wasn’t sure how they were going to do it with out parry’s, air blocking, or resorting to copying KOF dodges or roll’s. But I think this is amazing.

I thought needing specials/supers or jumping to get around fireballs was tight.

But it might be good in SF4, we’ll see.

Actually, I was kinda hoping they’d take jumping out.


I’d probably play either if they’d show up here, though an SF4 cabinet’s probably got a much bigger chance of arriving in town than a TvC cabinet has anywhere outside of Japan. Yeah, PC/console imports later, but I still prefer the arcade scene, as diminished as it is.