Who is gonna win sf4 and mvc2?

who u guys think is gonna win sf4?
who u guys think is gonna win mvc2?

I want ur opinions…

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I don’t think it’s an accident that you picked those two games to ask…

I’m betting on that jayjzn guy

dont know who’s gonna win but my predictions are

sf4 top 8 (in no order)


As much as I like him, I don’t think Justin is going to win SF4.



fuck wong

Mago will win SF4

Ojisan Boy will win SF4

Who has anything for Justin in sf4? He wont use Rufus against Daigo again so I dont see him losing.

Some things are just inevitability.
Daigo beating Wong will never ever have anything to do with character matchups.

Meh, I wouldnt be surprised if Daigo doesnt make it to the final. If he does I think Justin will be prepared for him this time. Thats my 2 cents. Ill be very interested to see Daigo vs. other semi-finalists.

Daigo wins the SF4 tournament. Justin for the MVC2 tournament.

I feel that a unknown may when thsi tourney. I have a feeling that an underdog with a console character may pull it out. thats just me

That would be hilarious. I thought about that as well but I would be surprised. Who wouldnt tho?

Watch there’s some crazy ass gouken/gen/seth player that comes in and wreaks havoc and nobody knows who the fuck he is.

That would be awesome.

It would only give the whiners a reason to ban seth/gouken >>:coffee:

On the other hand it would be awesome.

When i saw the title of the thread, i was thinking EXACTLY the same.

as far as we know, the only japanese players for sf4 attending
are daigo, dan (from cvs2), and kuni