Who is in top 100 here on sf2hf xbla

I was #76 b4 work this morning. Im tryin to find some good non droppers to play in Qmatch. My gamertag is DonYeyo . Add me/post ur tag here and rank

The top 100 is going to continue to fluctuate, as people’s rank can rise and dip depending on who they fight. I was at 17 for my all-time high, but a few losses have slipped me into the 130s.

If the system makes it so that people who play a handful of games and are in top rank are forced to slip down the rank based on a time differential, then we have a pretty balanced system. You will find plenty of skilled opponents at ranks under 100, as people are hungry to get their rank up.

I’m 77th right now but it prolly ain’t gonna last. I’ve stayed in the top 200 consistently though.