Who is interesting about Sanwa Flash?

I collection my joysticks

  • Happ P360, custom box
  • Seimitsu LS-32 modding on TEKKEN 4 Hori
  • JFL T8-Y, custom box “Holic XXX”
  • Seimitsu LS-40-01 modding on Soul Calbiur II Hori
  • Seimitsu LS-40-01, custom box “King of Fighter XI”
  • Sanwa JLW-TM-8 Ball Handle, custom box “Sega Saturn”
  • Seimitsu LS30, original NEO-GEO “old style” joystick

I never try this Sanwa Flash. I know that the stick don’t have standard microswitchs. just Happ P360. Who own a Sanwa Flash?

I heard someone said," Hori made Tekken 6 coming new joystick using a Sanwa Flash. :lovin:

opips I love you (no homo).

I’ll ask Dr. Lizardlick Chad. I talk about Sanwa Flash. :wink:

Well, the main attraction to the Sanwa flash is that it’s an optical stick instead of using microswitches. It makes no clicking noise, and I’m sure there’s other benefits, but I don’t really know the technical advantages.

I read “07-08 Sanwa Denshi Game’s Parts Catalog” but not have Sanwa Flash on there. just curious. :confused:

I wonder…

They stopped making them. It’s a really rare joystick. I think Sanwa flashes run about $200 US or something like that.

oh snap.

Sanwa Flash stick Sanwa JLHS-8Y FLASH. optical sanwa stick. No clickers, it’s been discontinued. :sad:

<3 your grammar.

Was there any reason in particular for them stopping production of them?

They would have needed to upgrade their warehouses and production buildings to meet new regulatory standards on awesome containment. Alas, they decided to simply downscale their production so that the awesome levels dropped to an ‘acceptable’ amount.

I think Sanwa had a falling out with their provider of the FLASH PCBs.

Either way, tapping +5v for optical goodness just isn’t worth it.

I bet it had more to do with reliability and lifespan than anything else. Flash boards are running with the LEDs on every second the machine is on. Microswitches wont die for millions of clicks, but Flashes will die after a matter of a (guessing) a few thousand hours, played or not. As an arcade owner, you can choose to use switches will only die after you’ve made a ton of money from plays, or flashes which will die even on the unused machine. Oh, and the flashes are spendier. Pretty easy choice really.

thread title of the year?

I have 4 of them : )


hey, I want to buy it one. I give you $100.

I’ll drop at least $150 for a Flash in good condition if any are for sale.

opips i demand you be friend mine

you might going to need to offer more than that to grab yourself one.

I read history forum on SRK. Thats terribly story I though JLHS-8Y FLASH is infamous and pricey.

Sanwa JLF is identical as Sanwa Flash, if without a micro-switches. More likely.
Sanwa Flash is eight time than price Sanwa JLF.

I very interestly…

I want to know How much is Sanwa Flash original price ?? I guess …$40