Who is John Carter and should I care?

[media=youtube]nlvYKl1fjBI[/media] looks bad ass, will see

Tim fuckin Riggins is starring.

Andrew FUCKIN Stanton wrote/directed.

Shut the fuck up and go watch it (even though it looks kinda shitty). Seriously though Stanton can do no wrong I haven’t paid my tribute yet:china: Enduring this probable punishment will be my punishment in the church of Pixar.

John Carter Warlord of Mars. Old school Bronze Age Marvel Comics. I’ve actually got a few. Should be some good campy fun.


Oh he’s property of marvel comics? When this trailer came up I felt like it assumed I knew who the fuck this guy was.

Me:…turns to fiance Do you know who this is? cause…uh…I’m drawing a blank here…

Reminds me of Avatar. Will pass.

bronze age hero? explains ALOOOOT. it looks bad…and not at the same time. def interested in seeing it.

John Carter is a pulp age hero–i.e. predating comics entirely. In fact, I believe the movie has been timed to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the character’s first appearance.

He was created by the same author who created Tarzan, if that helps anybody.

In-universe details: John Carter was an Earthling who was transported to Mars and found that in the weaker gravity, he was tremendously strong and could leap great distances. Astute nerds will recognize this idea as an influence on Superman, whose powers were originally based on Earth’s gravity being far weaker than that of Krypton.

(It is worth mentioning that Mars as depicted in the book is a fantasy land with war-torn kingdoms and princesses and shit. While real Mars is still pretty cool, superpowers are kind of useless if you’re just there to do a geologic survey or something.)

Yawwwn… once again it’s up to white human dude to save the weird backwards aliens from themselves.

And shag their women. Welcome to the adventure genre.

i think flash gorden started it

Yeah, but Flash Gordon also gave us another excuse to listen to Freddie Mercury make ludicrous lyrics loveable.

but who would pay for niggas or asians jumping around on mars fighting aliens? Unless the nigga is will smith and…well, i can’t think of a hardass asian

Wow, I am seriously disturbed that sofew people here are aware of John Carter and The Princess of Mars. Movie will probably be bad… but I hope its good :smiley:

What if your power is the ability to eat rocks and then your butt acts as a mass spectrometer when you eject those materials from your body?

looks bad


That would be surprisingly convenient.

what i wouldnt give for a flash gordon remake movie. like fully done out.

if there isnt frazetta/schultz art in the credits i am flipping chairs

That happened in 1977.