Who is MvC3's "Ryu"?

Ryu was always touted as the character best to learn SF4 mechanics with. Is there a similar character/team in MvC3 that can help new people learn the game to a basic/intermediate level?

Now I know that Ryu is in MvC3 - but that doesn’t mean that he is automatically the best person to learn it with, or maybe he is?

I’d say DANTE 100%

Dante/deadpool. Or maybe no one. But I KNOW sentinel is vanilla Sagat.

At the moment I have the most success with Sentinel - but I feel that I am not learning anything by using him and that he is more of a crutch.

I have no problem with him being in the game mind you.

Haven’t tried Dante or Deadpool yet. Any other thoughts?

try out Dante.