Who is Naoko_chan_21?


Ok on the UMvC3 online ranking leaderboards, he’s ranked #1. But if you look at the stats a few things don’t make sense:

Right now, he has 2401 battles, 0 losses. Alright, but his Online Mode play time is only 13 hours. That means he can play about 184 matches per hour? Clearly not possible.

Also strange is that he shows up on the North America leaderboards as well, despite his flag showing as from Japan. Whats up with this?


Capcom dev hacking the leaderboards?

Not outside the realm of possibility.


He’s doing something with his internet to not get any losses. I don’t know about the play time thing though.

In vanilla, I was able to beat the #1 person in the world on PSN, “mata-myskui” or something. He had a 257 win streak when he lost to me. I got rematched with him and his win streak went up to 259! So I emailed capcom about it, and some time later, I checked the leaderboards. He was no longer #1, but #2 and he gained about 400 losses.

I dunno, email capcom?


Clearly he just OCVs everyone immediately >_>


I’ve played him several times in vanilla. He’s ass. He just quits right before he loses. Finally I just told him to quit at the beginning when faces me to stop wasting my time and he complied.


Speaking of people online, is “HONZO_GONZO” on PSN the real deal? I’ve read elsewhere that he’s a fraud. He’s a 2nd lord with hawkeye/taskmaster/doom.

He wasn’t very good.


no, Honzo does not own a sony PlayStation 3. He only owns an xbox 360 and a dreamcast on which I challenge him to races in sonic adventure 2 trial mode on final rush hard mode every tuesday.


HONZO_GONZO is like ranked 24 on PS3 right now.


he has said numerous times that he only plays on live tho


I love that the HONZO_GONZO PSN faker not only uses Honzo’s name but plays his actual team as well. That’s real troll dedication. I beat that guy in my first ranked match for Ultimate.




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all of this can be explained with 1 word: Wesker


the guy on top the leaderboards, he saves his game data before a match, so if he loses, he just reboots it from the last save so it doesn’t record the loss…