Who is out there right now?



I know a lot of people have been saying that the Yang forum has been in decline for awhile now, mainly due to the fact he was nerfed so heavily but more out of interest now, who is out there right now?

I don’t mean in the same way the “red army” thread kinda exists, but as it is right now, not only do I not see a lot of Yang players out there online, but also there doesn’t seem to be a lot of coverage of the ones that must be out there. If there are people out there really pushing Yang as a character, they should be getting more coverage, even if to a small audience, even if it is only to other Yang players out there. Vids, blogs, youtube channels, that kind of thing.

It would be cool if there were people out there showing their progress and games and sharing matches to level up together. I’m still pretty new to Yang and not the best player in the world really but that’s mainly the point, we can all improve and it could be fun to stick together and get out there what people out there are doing with Yang in 2012. Hah so a shot over the bow here to anyone else playing Yang regardless of skill level, anyone out there right now?


Best US Yang is Rom probably so if you are looking for someone to check out for matches against high level players, he’s a good person to check for on youtube. however, he uses my color for Yang in 3s so f*** that N*****(jokes).


Checked out a few vids I could find. Cool that he got to play on stream at EVO too. Ha it’s war when someone takes your colour right?


I’m still here.


I dropped AE with 2012, but I’m picking it back up. Gonna stick with Yang, more than likely.


Best news I’ve heard all day.


Im dropping everyone TODAY for yang. And im seriously grinding to be a tournament player. I dont care about nerfs or any of that crap because its up to the player to the tools to win. And besides, I think yang is dope as hell nerfs or not hes sweeeeeeeet!


when i do play I use yang still…discouraging as hell sometimes but hes still good


I was getting up there but now that I transferred to college, my Yang time has diminished. I was doing good at my locals too :frowning:


Still using Yang here too. On PC and PS3.


I’m out here in Asia. Does that count?


Singapore here


I’ve been lurking a few character forums here for awhile, but I’ve decided the Yang forums are so completely dead I needed to become a participating member lol. Also, you guys should check out Best The Birds, he is a pretty epic 2012 Yang. But I have had the same thoughts quite frequently. “It just can’t be possible that literally NOBODY plays this guy…”

Now I’m realizing that, if we want to have good Yangs getting coverage, we need to become those good Yangs instead of just waiting for them to show up.


I play him. Not the best, but I’m always down for some matches. I’m usually on at night. I try to mimic a lot of Kyoku’s set ups.


I play yang - and im determined to show everyone he doesnt suck (though, as a player myself im not the best - sooo… yeah, long road.)


No mention of Nemo? For shame! Not mentioning ACQUA is forgiven because he sold out and switched to Cammy :frowning:

Anyway, i’m in the UK and I haven’t come across another Yang mainer yet though i’ve only been maining him since the 25th tournament.


And here I thought I was the only EU player playing Yang lol.


I hate when people say that - Acqua/Akua still plays Yang and is still extremely high ranked with him. He didn’t “sell out” and play Cammy - he was using Cammy at around the same time, he was also maining Ibuki beforehand.


I was only kidding Rez, ACQUA is beast and he can play who he wants. He does use Cammy more these days and i can’t hate on him for that, its always good to have a backup against the grapplers :stuck_out_tongue: I do love his Yang though xD

OSD, do you play on PC?


My bad ~

though, agreed, you can’t blame him. He is the number 1 ranked Cammy in Japan right now.