Who is Q's mid boss?

who ?


Not Akuma


love that

There’s no such character as Akuma. Who created the yo-yo? Who created the moon buggy?

thanks …

their dialouge ?


no special intro ? ok thanks

it’s been a long time not chatting with you slimx

If you hit the machine very hard before their pictures come up, you get dialogue. Here it is:

Gouki: What the hell are you doing in my graveyard? I live here.


This doesn’t work on the Dreamcast.


Actually it should be something like this:

Gouki: …

Q: …!

Gouki: …

Q: ?..

Gouki: …

Q: …(???)

Gouki: …

Q: …

Whew, that was really intense.

Oh no Q didn’t!!

damn, Gouki got served, or burnt, or . . . some other culinary verb’d.

Stir Fried