Who is qualified to comment on matches?

I hear so much awful commentary. So far that guy from the dog face show has proven to be awesome, who else does sweet commentary?

Devastation commentary…

As long as you can work the mic,get people hyped up and throw in jokes and references your good to go…with that being said you must make sure the jokes are funny

guy:Abel is MMA merc isnt he?

me:no an emo frenchman

think of glass joe

you can practice by recording yourself while commentating a CPU match.also knowledge of fighting game lingo is also required (focus cancel,kara throw,tech cancel)

Dogface, Rokefeller, and Gootecks are my faves.

TBH, Anyone who knows well enough about the game to comment on the high points of a match, and who is smart enough to keep the people occupied when matches wind down with clever quips and quotes is qualified.

Just gotta work on yer hype!

Anyone who has been empirically proven to be two of the following under laboratory test conditions:

  • knowledgeable
  • articulate
  • charismatic
  • humorous

Effective commentary occurs only when there are two commentators, each of whom fill a unique pair (no more, no less) of those above four criteria. Keep in mind that commentary is an exact science and not an art.

Why do you ask?

Some people have different styles, that may not appeal to everyone, but most people have no style. The only way to know if you or anyone else is qualified to do match commentary is to just do it, and find out what people think. I think we would all prefer people who have a strong connection to the game/scene.

I prefer two commentators for fighting games. One person who can speak quickly and say what’s happening, someone who can announce the moves the second that they happen, “cross up forward, low short, tick throw” without delay. And the second to provide color, “that move is an overhead, you can’t safe jump Ken, low roundhouse is -6 and not safe against Q with meter” during a pause in the match or between, before, and after rounds.

And many people on this board are qualified to speak about matches but they lack the speaking ability and mental whereabouts to do live commentary. Some commentators just cannot keep up with the moves being performed. If they were playing they could play at regular game speed just fine…but articulating the moves out loud and speaking to the audience is a completely different skill. Sports broadcasters can’t play as well as the athletes but they without question can speak better. Same thing applies to fighting games and commentary.

If you want to get good at commentating just make a play list of YouTube matches and record yourself and listen back over the matches. Don’t commentate on CPU matches just get high level (aka fastest pace) matches off of the internet and have at it. And only watch each match one time and move on. If you know what’s going to happen in a match you won’t mentally prepare yourself for a live broadcast at all. And being a confident public speaker is a must as is not being bothered by the sound of your own voice. In college I had many friends drop out of our broadcasting school because they felt uncomfortable with their speaking voices.

I was the broadcaster for my college baseball team and have a BA in sport broadcasting so I love hearing excellent and insightful commentary and analysis with fighting games.

most people were pretty solid during the devastation commentary, cept that Swoosie guy he was terrible and tried to turn it into some MTV style crap.

I think the best example of good commentating was the guy doing the GG finals (forgot his name)

dogface, rockafeller and whoever was commentating here:

I just love listening to Seth Killian commenting on matches, algo that guy Victor from the dogfaceshow is funny as hell lol

S-kill is the best, no contest

S-kill knows what he’s talking about
Dogface is an entertaining colour man.

By their powers combined, they are an excellent commentating team!

Seth Killian’s play-by-play in the HDR and SFIV evo stream was unmatched. I really like his commentary.

s-kill, dogface and rockafeller

S-kill, the guy who did the famous comeback marvel match and dogface.


anyone with an in depth understanding of the game or is at least funny

aka not keits or djwheat crew

I thought Keits was pretty good…

Exactly this, and only this.

he was spouting off misinformation and being condescending to players who were obviously of much higher skill than him.

Seth Killian’s the best I’ve seen.