Who is selling a wooden empty Arcase stick case?!

I have seen a number of peoples custom sticks on this forum, time and money well spent.

When I contact them and ask where they got it from, they reply but tell me that the forum user they aquired it from does not make them anymore, or sells them only sometimes.

All I want is a decent looking empty case, made from wood with counter sunk so the buttons are flush on the sides/back. Can anyone sell me a case like this or direct me to a web site that can.

I dont want a MDF case because I could bash one of those together myself.

Please reply/PM.

Go to the Trade Outlet.

Try ibeatu hes selling a white qcf case

check the trading outlet i myself will be putting a couple up in the next 2 or so days

I make custom wooden sticks all the time. Pm me if you are still looking.

Heres some examples. If you want others I can supply.