Who is Sheng Long?

Ryu says it after he defeats somebody in the SFII games. Was it the name of his master and then Udon changed it to Gouken or something?

It was a translation error, if you look through the Genesis ports, etc he will say “You must defeat my Dragon Punch (Shoryuken) to stand a chance”. So yes that was an error, Sheng Long was Chinese for Shoryuken was it or something?

Anyways Ryu’s sensei was called Gouken before the Udon comics because SF Alpha (The anime) came before that and it was based around Gouken’s death.

Sheng Long is the Shoryuken.

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I see, I see. Thanks for the info.

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If you used to buy EGM magazines, Sheng Long was actually a joke for April Fools. Picture him as having Akuma’s body but with an old man’s head.

Many SFII players were going crazy trying to figure out how to get Sheng Long…sad gamers.

lolz … greatest April fools joke evar.

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Basically, Sheng Long was a chinese romanization of the Shoryuken kanji in the US version of the SFII arcade game. Some people thought it was an actual name, and the EGM april’s fool was born.

Gouken was always the name of Ryu and Ken’s master, and Sheng Long was never supposed to be the english version of his name. Gouken never looked like an old man either. He was always the large bald man with a thick black beard Udon drew. He can be seen in Akuma’s Alpha 1 ending, and in various old Capcom design material.

Gouken and Gouki work much better than Gouken and Akuma. I really wonder why Capcom decided to change his name.

In the Super NES and Genesis version of the SFII games, the quote was changed for “You must defeat my dragon punch to stand a chance”.



Ryu and Ken’s master was officially nameless until SSF2X when Gouki was introduced.

According to google image search:

The TOKUMA Street fighter 2 comic used “Gouken” to name Ryu and Ken’s master, and that comic is from way before SSF2Turbo(X),its even from before the regular SSF2 game. I think that comic is from around 1993, I don’t know if TOKUMA made up the Gouken name but one can also asume that they went straight to the source with CAPCOM

I’m curious as to why it got translated as Sheng Long instead of Sheng Long Kune since Kune (as in Jeet Kune Do) is the chinese equivalent of Ken.

Anyways, I’ve heard that Gouki/Akuma in SSF2T is inspired by EGM’s April Fool’s trick.

Tokuma or rather Masaomi Kanzaki came up with the name, then Capcom liked it and that idea for the master so much that they made him official once Gouki and also Goutetsu were introduced. But before that, Ryu and Ken’s master was nameless, just like their master’s daughter.

I didn’t know that thanks for the info. It’s kinda curious how lazy CAPCOM was since they didn’t design Chun-Li’s father either and apparently when UDON asked CAPCOM Japan about him, they told UDON to refer to Dorai (Chun-Li’s father in the Street Fighter 2 V anime series).

Sure thing. About Chun Li’s father, before SF2V came out, Capcom seemed to take a liking to an earlier depiction of him, possibly made by another artist. It should be shown in a few weeks. Keep checking at the SF storyline thread on SRK.