Who is Shin Gen?



Seriously… who is THE Gen player… ive played alot of you and I think in the Gen community noone is coming ou there and saying I am that dude. For example… Marn is viewed as THE dudley. Daigo Is THE ryu… who is SHIN GEn?? Just a question… drop your opinion… because If no one has the answer… I will take the title :slight_smile:


im not sure there is “the gen” right now.

there’s a few really good gens, but i don’t think anyone has repped him to the point where they could be the gen.

unless there is and im just unaware.


Hoigek and Rokotsu are the best Gen players in Japan that I know of. They just don’t get a lot of exposure. Maybe after AE comes out?

Nubbb put on an amazing show at NorCal Regionals when he almost OCV’d a team consisting of Marn, Mike Ross, and Alex Valle – that alone may very well make him the best Gen player in America.





…and this is the worst thread idea ever!

Seriously! this is borderline the most ignorant, BS statement I’ve heard on these forums.

Really iLLusoyun? Do you take yourself seriously?


Hoigek and Redwolfx. I need to level up.



Anyway, when it comes to consistently putting out new shit for the community I’d say Hoigek. Though Rokotsu and Redwolfx are great aswell.


Rokotsu defenetly


I’d say Hoigek =]


I believe the collective is Shin Gen. Sure there might some amazing Gens underground (and I’m not one of them), but majors are the easiest way to prove it, and it hasn’t happened since SSF4 got out.

I like Redwolfx’s crazy antics that lead to big damage.
I like Nubbb’s smart play against Marn, Valle and Ross.
I like Rokotsu’s amazing execution.


I’d like to nominate DanteValmont as the best Pad Gen Player.
He doesn’t do any long flashing combos like me, but he sure as hell has solid footsies.

He’s by far the best Gen player i’ve faced.

But I would volunteer myself as the fanciest Gen player lol
But above all, i’m not sure who is THE Gen player.

It will be me.


Omg illusoyun are you at it again?


Only tournament results matter, so right now its definitely Nubbb who stands out the most.



that what im basing on what i can watch to learn from the most. online vidoes are okay to learn something but i want to see tourney videos. arcade edition can not come out fast enough.


I saw a video of Rokotsu that looks like he was using turbo. :/, anyway, i think the best online gens are Hoigek and Rokotsu. Nubb is an AMAZING Gen player, really put a smile on my face when i saw that video of him beating Valle :slight_smile:


Jugot, dante, Nubb and Rhyllis. I think all of their play styles have what it takes to beat top players.


Hoigek ,Rokotsu and Redwolfx (JPN and USA)

as for tourney results…Yeb would still rule on that topic even if he hasn’t played Gen since vanilla but I’m liking Nubb so far.


Hoigek,rokotsu,Dantevalmant,Nubb thas my opinion


All those players are really good. Dante has good solid defense. Nubb has great spacing game.

But in terms of flashy-ness. I’d nominate myself lol


nubb and nightwalker are the strongest i’ve seen in super
i remember nubb being good in vanilla too, and now he is the only one i’ve seen competing at national level

for japan i like hoigek the most… but i’d like to see more of profecery and rokotsu

and i really havent seen much of redwolf lately, but hes good too