Who is still playing and who is training for ultra



Just curious who has endeavored through Yang, during his terrible 2012 iteration, and who has just started picking up to prepare for USF4?


I’ve been playing Yang for about the past half year in Japanese arcades in preparation for USF4. Adon’s getting the nerf bat and I enjoy playing Yang because he has a lot of tools.


Yang’s a boss. Nobody’s gonna be top tier in USF4 though.


I picked up Yang only after his nerfs, there were the ups and downs, times where I was proud to overcome the challenges and times I wanted to drop him because I didn’t feel he could perform on an adequate level. I’m super excited to rep his ultra version, but hell, I’d probably still use him even if he remained unchanged.


Myself as well. I picked up Yang after 2012 hit, and winning with him was just so good. Its an uphill battle, like Kingbrozen said, but its worth it. I love this character, his design and his style. I’m sticking with him no matter what.


You guys rock. I love seeing other people stick with a character, no matter what the general consensus is, and fighting/learning the bad match ups. In fact, I use him as a counter pick vs Cammy cuz he has way better options against her dive kick vortex, it’s a much more even match than with my Seth or Rose.


man i really envy your guys is character dedication. im really digging yang and im trianing him up for ultra but man it really feels like a an uphill battle against most of the cast. but glad to hear im not the only one out there, lets train up and show the community yang!


Maybe, if I have more time to play offline. Learning Yang and only being able to play online most of the time is retarded. So much effort and online is shitty.


Yang has tons of tools and can deal alot of corner pressure to your opponents especially when ur opponent is getting anxious in the corner and does a neutral jump or back jump. Thats the time when Cl.Mk does the magic and you can deal more damage with a palm follow up.

The only thing about Yang is he requires meter for FADC to be able to deal decent damage and do some mixups.


I play Sim and I decided on Yang as my secondary. Didn’t play him until 2012, but I really like how he plays. I’m hoping both these characters get better in Ultra lol. Yang is 33 and Dhalsim 34 on the EH Tier list… >.>


Watched Gundam Wing Last year and Trowa was my fav char, picked ang and stuck with him ever since. Ive been TRYING to get a real thing like the other forums where char specific info are all in one spot, but i cant do it alone, and im not that great with yang anyway lol

If enough people jump on board with me, il do it, and ALSO turn it into iOS and android apps. I did it for Sakura.



Thats pretty cool. The yang community needs to split up the roster and make one for yang users.


There’s a masochist in this thread.


I got to play the ultra mod on pc with some friends, and yang felt about the same… but his st.lk buff is much better, having a good cross up was nice and slight damage buff to rekka helps. excited for ultra lol. I feel he will be a perfect mid tier character. these new buffs will make his neutrel game scarier, but his damage and life are still low. gonna have to work harder for damage and make less mistakes.


Man this would be very helpful if complete. I dont see much use in making this for AE 2012 since there are only a couple months left. Im no yang expert but when ultra comes out I would be happy to provide any info i can.


As someone who plays both Sakura and Yang this is awesome, but I couldn’t find the Sakura Notebook on Android (Google Play Store). Is it still up or am I blind?


I made a thread where that is happening. Provide all the info you can to speed up the app!

I posted it on the sakura forums and got ignored pretty heavily, so i never made it for android. I thought people wouldve like it but i guess not. Im liking the response im getting here on the yang forums so far though and ive committed so i will do it this time around.


Used to play Ryu but I picked up Yang recently because I wanted to play a character that wasn’t a Shoto. Yang is hard as hell to use because he doesn’t have a Shoto c.Mk, a fireball, or a 3f reversal but every win feels so much more rewarding!