Who is still playing their old fighting games?

I went to a game store earlier today and on impulse, picked up a copy of Rival Schools. It’s had been years since I played and after about an hour, I was thinking how much I’d rather be playing Project Justice. I was so exited when I saw it especially because as a broke kid, I remember selling it to buy Viewtiful Joe. There are a few exceptions (SF2, 3rd Strike and almost anything on Dreamcast) but when I think about it, there’s not a lot that I would go back to and play. What fighters do you guys still play, or don’t?

almost all of snks games and doujin games, not to mention some of capcoms black sheep games (cyberbots, joojoo). I find their quality to appealing than the mainstream stuff we have. Been playing eternal fighter zero and loving every second of it.

3rd Strike y’all it’s Street Fighter 3.

i actually just started playing mvc1 in depth, and i still play mvc2 everyday

Still play Guilty Gear ^Core. Loving it since 2006.

I still have my old Dreamcast hooked up and I’m always up for a trip down memory lane. Also my school laptop has some roms of classic games. Super Turbo, MSH, Mark of the Wolves, etc. Fun stuff.

still playin’ project Justice, still playin’ Jojo’s, still playin’ MvC2. I get around with other games too

I still got the snes hooked up with killer instinct. I play that on the daily.

Play 3s several days a week. It’s my favorite game so no motivation to pick up new games. I’d play alpha 2 more often but only option is GGPO and I don’t really like playing online. I’d like to play ST but its too hard :’(

MvC2, 3S, CvS2, and GGAC all get my action at my place than SF4.

I still play: 3rd Strike, KOF 2002, Last Blade 2, and MK Trilogy pretty seriously. In the case of 3S, I play it daily pretty much. I’ve been playing them regularly since about 2005, casually many years before that, and seriously since about 2007. After my sister passed away, I lost alot of passion for most games, but I still love my fighting games.

I literally play them everyday, though 3S takes most of my time. I’ve been really enjoying preparations for 3SO. 3S is just such a special game, I don’t know how to describe it, but those of us that love it know what I mean.

I tried to get into SF4, but it just seems like such a step back to me. If only they had improved on the 3S formula with a roster the size of SSF4’s, would have been legendary.

You can check out my setup if you’d like**, not trying to hog the thread or anything.( Let me know if it is in bad taste.) :** [media=youtube]tysRHm9T0Tg[/media] .

I use a Pelican Real Arcade with Happ/IL parts on the Xbox 1 emu’s, and an HRAP EX-SE on 360.

Gotta be ready to milk them scrub tears when the game comes out after all.

Ha ha, well, that’s the reward for years of dedication right? I’m more worried about the vets than the new players. I know alot of us have been playing for a while, but I know there is some stiff competition out there. I’m just happy 3S is getting the justice it deserves.

When I first decided to register here after lurking for a couple years, Tebbo chewed me out a bit when I made suggestions about what type of small balance changes I would like to 3S. I was a new account holder so I guess he thought I was a criticizer lol. Funny thing is, I was impressed, immediately gained respect for him. I thought it was awesome that there were other people that still had that much passion for the game. I would have done the same thing.

As for the newbs, hell I may not be the best but I earned it. Anyone with years under their belt deserves some respect.


Darkstalkers 3

I recently flipped on my ps2 and started derpin’ around with dbz budokai 3. That game is awesome!

GGXXAC, HNK, SBX, CVS2 are still played on regular basics by me and my group
also others that are played frm time to time like MB, FUC, DBZBT3 to name some

I wish I still had folks to play CVS2 with, but most of my CVS2 buddies moved back to the US.

I’ll still be playing GGAC when the next Guilty Gear comes out, even if it takes ten more years.

Also I play Jojo’s sometimes.

3S and ST are the only games I play. I usually play 3S more than ST but I have a money match coming up, so I’ve been playing ST a lot lately.

It sucks not having any training partners but I think the CPU (Lv. 8) is a fine replacement.