Who is stronger Gouken or Akuma?

my friend told me akuma is better but he only has a little bit of health and gouken can shoot fireballs in the air and straight when akuma can only shoot them down and red, when akuma players are good they only win cuz the opponent dont hit them but if i play gouken vs akuma i always win. why is akuma is bigger tier then gouki?

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Johnny Cage.

In terms of damage, Gouken.

Gouken/gouki arent the same person. Akumas name in japan is gouki. Capcom changed his name when he was introduced to the US because gouki sounded “weak”. Anyway. In terms of damage and health. Gouken has more of that. but. Akuma does a high amount of damage himself, has more mixups and wakeup options, and can play a solid zoning, defensive, and offensive game on almost any character in the game. Gouken can get abused on his wakeup. not to mention that gouken cant hit confirm into anything, has no reversals, and some very poor matchups. It only makes sense as to why akuma is a stronger overall character

right answer is: Akuma

Lol vote Akuma or vote Gouki. YOUR PICK!!!

I don’t think Gouken can do much if he ever gets knocked down.

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Akuma is stronger due to teleport, speed, srk, hurricane kick more controllable etc.
Gouken=slow, wake option is obvious or bait-able etc


Akumas the better character, and I main Gouken.

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Second option is clearly right. Having the choice between Gouken and Akuma has to be better in some way than just having Akuma.


Goukens better cause he can kill seth in one combo.

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But really, akuma man, just because…this is messatsu…

Akuma, because of his wealth of options and better matchups

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