Who is stronger ryu or kazuya?


ryu has fireballs but kazuya can turn in to a devil and fly so hes prolly gonna win the fight?

but theres also dark ryu but hes just a rip off of kazuya any way but he cant fly

so i say kazuya would win


No vs threads man :nono:

‘Ryu has fireballs but Kazuya can turn into a devil’ :lame:

I suggest you ask the mods to delete this threads or face and infraction/ban… plus a barrage of flames :sweat:



hmm I’m not sure. I will await further input and discussion


oh i didnt no what a vs thread is lol




Generally doing vs threads e.g. Goku vs Superman is frowned upon. You might be able to get away with fighting game character tiers… but i doubt it.


I’d neg him for being an utterly shit troll but I guess I’ve already negged this guy for something else.


He’s probably like 13… he needs to learn the rules, is all. :coffee:


Hell I wanna know who wins.


but ryu can do hurricane kick while kazuya falls down when he tries to copy him :confused:


Just Mugen that shit.


But if it is Street Fighter 1 Ryu then he can only do the hurricane kick one out of every 30 tries because the pressure pad buttons and stick are fucked up on the machine.


But then they both lose to Tom Hanks.


Who the fuck changed my SRK bookmark to gamefaqs?


:lol: H4X!!! :badboy:


Kazuya can side step and walk in circles!
But ryu has auto correction and dp into ultra!


id say kazuya wins for sure
not only is he 3 dimensional but you cant even block his lazers
he can hold his flight much longer then ryu can tatsu in the air and once he knocks you into a wall its pretty much game set match, ryu cant do that!