Who is the beginner character in this game?

I played Persona 4 Ultimax (?) at EVO (for 2 hours) and really liked it. I didn’t know what I was doing and constantly kept getting slaughtered but that didn’t matter, I liked the game. I started with Junpei, then tried everyone else. I really liked Akihiko, Junpei, and Yosuke. Didn’t get to try Adachi (different build?), which kinda depressed me. Is there a recommended begginer character in this game (ex. SF4 is Ryu)? I really liked this game and am going to make this one of the games I take very seriously (right now, its only USF4).

  • There was a guy cos-playing Jin from BlazBlue. He seemed cool.
  • There were two lines, one that was kinda long and one that was relatively short (5 people, counting the two playing).
  • I tend to play “dumb” characters in most fighting games I play (USF4 is Cody and DeeJay, UMvC 3 is Deadpool/Trish/Dante)

Try Narukami

Narukami and Sho both come down to “hammer down square”. They seem to be good for inexperienced characters.

But honestly P4A is a pretty beginner friendly game. So anyone’s a good choice

I am a baseball fan so I immediately chose Junpei and have fun with him, but after putting a few hours into learning how to play with him I’m not that big of a fan anymore. I am having fun with Minazuke, or however you spell his name. Sho is fun but I haven’t figured her out yet.