Who is the best charge based character for any game

As long as they have more charged based moves than motion.

I would say Heidern in KOF 95 and if you know that game inside and out, then you know what I mean


Guile in SvC

Kain in MOTW

Urien in 3s.

probably potemkin for Guilty Gear

Does Potemkin really count? I know jack all about his move list really, but doesn’t he only have one charge move?

I’d probably say Vega or Urien from what I’ve played.

Well i guess. but it is one of his main moves and what makes him so good.

ALso May From Guilty Gear is pretty good in the new AC version

Meh:I would also say blanca from SFII and CvS2

I guess:

Guile = WW, CE
Claw = ST
Dic = CE
Heidern = KOF94,95,98 (except 2001)
Ralf = any KOF

man i came to post this

also ralf kinda doesnt count since all of his good shit isnt charge




yea blanka and dictator in cvs2

raph and armagon in tmnt:tf


edit - no really i thought about it and armagon is like the best ever

Safe flash kicks with invincibility will do that for a character. Also, Sonic Roar, Triangle Jump, Sonic Roar, SweepxxSonic Roar.

But I’m gonna say Dao Long from Breakers Revenge.

A2 Charlie.

Fat combos (customs obviously, block high you lose), hard to jump SB, great AC, no guardcrush.

venom (ggx ~ ggxx ac).

one of the most technical fighting game characters ever created, and among the hardest to learn as well.

EDIT: what exactly do we mean by “best” in this thread?

I too am confused by the “best” charger.

A3 Charlie



followed by

CE bison