Who is the best Chun li?

I saw this thread on Ken’s topics so i was curious about that… who is the best chun li?

Toss up between Nuki and MOV.

Amir for US?

Psh Nuki. Justin’s better than Amir though, he even admited it when I talked to him at evo. Justin did better against Nuki at evo2k5 than I’ve seen any other chunli though. Thats including JPN players.

MOV is my favorite.

nuki is there too.

then tossup between

rikimaru, raoh, tokido.

koushun would be good if he played chun properly :confused:

no wayyyyyyy amir is way too humble Amir >>>>wong as far as chun li goes wong might be a better overall player but when it comes to technical aspects and play. It’s amir

i like raoh, tokido,nuki and wong.

i have no favourites.

yea i have to agree. amir knows a lot more matchups better. if justin wong wins chun vs chun against amir it doesnt necessarily mean he has a better chun, just means that he can fight chun better.

I HAVE THE BEST CHUN LI! My ability to spam her 4FP is unmatched!

(on a serious note, nuki. For now, I think he is.)


steve H is the best chun li, guys

toss up between Amir, Justin, Fubar in US

Nuki, Tokido in Japan.

Nuki, no contest. I make sure to watch every match of his that I can find. <33333

nuki, tokido, justin and fubarduck are my favourites.

amir and nuki are my favorite chuns. i love mov’s style of play also. but i have to say amir’s rushdown chun is absolutely awesome and i’ved picked up more tricks and strategy from amir than any other chun.
wong is undeniably good. hes patient and cool headed in any situation.

i believe its best to learn both justin wong’s coolheaded patient turtle style of chun AND amir’s balls out fearless rush down style. you gotta be able to switch styles depending on your opponent.
as for who is straight up the best chun in the world. its gotta be nuki, hes damn near magic!
also the grabbag of chuns from this years SBO were all incredible, definately watch SBO '07 for some magic chunnery

tokido and amir

MOV’s girlfriend. Well really MOV is my fav.



nuki, tokido

and amir

amir kind of distant from the japanese players, but man does he have balls of steel.

amir is the only chun i can watch and enjoy watching.