Who is the best non-charge turtle/camping character in the game?

A character that can stay back long range, dodge hadoukens, wake up escape and the like. Also non-charge characters that can react fast. I was playing Hakan but I don’t know if he is the best turtler. I’m considering picking up Akuma/E.Ryu/Oni and maybe even Dhalsim to be sole camper.

Very long range / A decent or better hadouken dodge / Wake up mash attack
Cammy — Cannon Drill or ex hooligan grab, Spinning back fist, Cannon Spike uppercut.
Clones — Triple fireball, Triple fireball, Uppercut
Dudley — Machine gun blow, Duck dash, Jet Uppercut
Ibuki — Neck breaker, Command attack sliding medium kick, Kick uppercut
Etc few other characters

If your more into camping, also non charge
Rose — Projectiles, reflect and absorb projectiles, lacks good priority unless you use ex dash attack which is often safe but has lot of start up frames without ex.

Charge characters typically have high priority safe on block or lots of range moves but that’s over looked by many because you have to charge it.

Go check out 4A. He’s bad ass.