Who is the Best Q Player in the United States?

So who is the best Q player in the US? It doesn’t matter wheter its offical or unoffical. Has anyone even seen a good player in the arcade before? I wonder. If so how would he or she look like so I would know.

In my opinion UF

I think my friend from Oklahoma Ultimate Faust/Joey McFarland is the best Q Ive seen easily.

yeah… oklahoma… can you believe that?

pyrolee has a beastly Q.

I’ve got a better question.

Who was the highest placing Q in an american major tourney??

Yeah, Pyro has a good Q. If I had to guess who the best Q player in the US is, I’d probably guess him, but then the guy is one of the best or the best player in the US overall anyway, and unfortunately he doesn’t use Q in tourneys. As for the best dedicated Q player, I don’t know, haven’t heard of too many of those. Honestly, the only people I know of who have used Q in big tourneys are StreakSRM, Silvergear, ParryAll, and me. I’ve heard that Silvergear used to be the best, but I don’t think he plays anymore.

As far as I know, the only Q players to place in big tourneys are StreakSRM, who as I recall placed (I think 7th?) in a Texas tournament a couple years ago, and UltraDavid, who placed 7th at VTyme a few months ago. It might have happened other times, I just don’t know about it. It seems like Streak hasn’t been in the scene lately, or at least hasn’t been on SRK; I don’t know if he even plays anymore. And Ultra only really started hitting the tourney scene over the summer, so we’ll probably hear more about him in the future.

pyro?.. okay…i am sure only in casuals

well, i went to texas, and i got 5th at the regionals, which isnt much, and then i won the oklahoma state championships with Q, one day ill make a name for myself using Q…