Who is the best Tao out there?

im relatively new to the game and want to main Tao, can someone name some really good tao players. who is considered the best one right now?

Can’t really tell you the best one, but I know a really, really good one. His GT is “FlawedbyDesign”. Keep an eye out for him on XBL.

any really good tournament players that use tao?

Keita, Denpa, Kazu, Fio are some top level Tao players.

Fio and Keita are IMO the best out there, very slick.
But really, does this need it’s own thread?

I think his name is KliskMidori on XBL, dude is pretty good. He might be playing PSN only now I dunno.

There is your answer. Go look on YT, nico.tv, and gamechariot… hell even ask in the Tao thread next time you have a TAO specific question. Thanks.