Who is the Best Tekken 5 (pre-DR) character?

Who do you guys think the best (top 5) characters are in Tekken 5?

I am still relatively new to the game and am starting to learn some of the more advanced techniques.

I think the best characters are Feng, Asuka, King, Hwoarang and Kazuya.

I am SURE most of you guys disagree and i would LOVE some input.

yeah, Hwoarang is the best…at sucking.

My picks from 5.0 would probably be Steve, Nina, Bryan, Feng, Heihachi and Devil Jin.

Your list is pretty off. If you’re talking about Tekken 5.0 (the original T5 that is on PS2) the top 5 are thought to be: Steve, Nina, Bryan, Feng, Devil Jin.

How does Roger Jr rank? I put people off machines with her. (And why are they calling the character Roger Jr? Jr’s mom is the one owning that ass while Roger Jr just flails around…reminds me of that freak with his brother sticking out of his chest in Total Recall. They can’t just say “Roger’s wife”?)

I play well whit Kazuya.
I believe that the best fighters are Kazuya,Hworang and Jin.
The list is outdated since I don’t play Tekken that much.

I must argue that hwoarang does not suck, unless you just jam on the kick button.

And you guys dont think King is good? I made this guy at the arcade cry with King and this opponent was WAY outta my league.

and yes, Nina and Steve ARE the shizzle chron in 5.0

As most ppl will say, this is the top 5 for the tier list in Tekken 5.0, & I agree w/ Ketsuban 100% as well w/ this.

If you watch any tournament matches like the ones from the Evo Tournaments, the best players use the best characters in order 2 win tournaments; henceforth, they use these five characters that are mentioned above in order 2 increase their chances in winning.

Pretty much what Tekken boils down 2 is these key elements listed below in order 2 be great @ the game:

  • Safety (safe on block moves that can’t be punished if you block that move)
  • Air Juggles (doing maximum damage juggles 2 ur opponent when they are in the air helpless
  • Wall Juggles (doing maximum damage 2 ur opponent w/ juggles when they are splat up against the wall helpless
  • Oki (“Okizeme” or “Wake-up.” Free damage you can do 2 ur opponent if they lie on the ground or are rolling on the ground)
  • Mix-ups (doing different attacks @ different levels, plus buffering in other moves & attacks 2 throw ur opponent off & keep them guessing)
  • Poking (usually consists of u doing quick & safe on block moves & combinations 2 ur opponent 2 chip away @ their health bar)
  • Spacing (Movement of ur character that allows u 2 set up better for attacking ur opponent as well as movement used 2 sucker ur opponent in2 attacking u & making them whiff that attack)

These are crucial elements that need 2 be mastered in order 2 play Tekken effecticely Sivak. The 5 top characters in the game are the best @ doing all or most of these elements in which I spoke of.

Watch some videos on youtube of some good players using these characters, & you’ll start 2 understand why they are so good @ the game & why those characters are the best 2 use.

Hopefully this has helped you out some. :china:

thanks sluch,

i know about zoning (spacing) and mix-ups and poking and oki from VF4 (which i played a LOT of) but what do you mean by safety’s?

but again thanks for breakin it down.

this is like a tier list thread only for one game and one tier


Safe moves are moves that give you a frame advantage (hence, “safe”) on block (if blocked). In general, these are moves from your character’s movelist that you can do with minimum consequence/retaliation if the opponent blocks and tries to counter. The best “safe moves” come out fast, have good range and end fast. Not all safe moves have good range, though.

You obviously must not play the game that much. Anyone who actually plays the game including me knows Steve, Nina, Mishimas, Feng and Bryan are the top tier players. Hwoarang is very low tier. It’s kinda funny how this thread just pops up lol. If you read the threads on Tekkenzaibatsu, you can get more informed about Tekken 5.

In 5.0 I think Lei and Hwoarang are top because they have different stances and they can be very confusing with very different mix ups. Next would be King and Kuma and Jack because they are naturally stronger than humans.

Nina’s slow and can’t compete with those characters.

steve is low tier because he only punches and one of his costumes uses boxing gloves which reduces his dmg

Oh my god. You have to be kidding

Im laughing so hard right now.

OK, this thread is officially made of lulz.

Kuma is top 5 cause he’s a damn bear. Devil Jin shoots unblockable lasers, too!

W.H.A.T. T.H.E. H.E.L.L. !!1??

Bryan is top tier, because he looks pissed off all the time. Seriously, look at him… he’s fucking angry.

he’s telling the truth. he got 9th at evo last year!

Steve Fox is tops in T5 bar none!
Everything he does is safe.
His oki is GODLY!
He has good punishers.
His infinite is easy to do and all he has to do is step you one good time and its GG.

After that you have Nina, Mishimas and Feng.